Friday, December 22, 2006

$2068 - Finally a Nice Size Pot at 2/4 NL

I am getting a little bored with the post a tracker shot, ladder roll, and a single hand history so this will be the last one like this for a while. I did finally get a nice pot at 2/4 NL (it always pays to complain in your blog), and I have to say I played it STRONG, the whole way. Enough of the weak-tight hand histories.
FullTiltPoker Game #1455136542: Table Calico Pines
- $2/$4 - No Limit Hold'em - 14:05:07 ET - 2006/12/22
Seat 1: lwg07 ($423.90)
Seat 2: Blinders ($392)
Seat 3: munny4claire ($188)
Seat 4: Daddy1234 ($568.60)
Seat 5: acesneverdie ($156)
Seat 6: Belfastbuckejit ($71.75)
Seat 7: TIME4ACHANGE ($185.50)
Seat 8: utbuckeye ($189)
Seat 9: SeaFisher ($206)
lwg07 posts the small blind of $2
Blinders posts the big blind of $4
utbuckeye posts a dead small blind of $2
utbuckeye posts $4
The button is in seat #9
*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to Blinders [Td Ts]
munny4claire folds
Daddy1234 fold
sacesneverdie folds
Belfastbuckejit calls $4
utbuckeye checks
SeaFisher fold
slwg07 calls $2
Blinders raises to $22
Belfastbuckejit calls $18
utbuckeye calls $18
lwg07 folds
*** FLOP *** [5s 5h 6h]
Blinders bets $60
Belfastbuckejit calls $49.75, and is all in
utbuckeye has 15 seconds left to act
utbuckeye calls $60
*** TURN *** [5s 5h 6h] [Qc]
Blinders bets $310, and is all in
utbuckeye calls $105, and is all in
Blinders shows [Td Ts]
Belfastbuckejit shows [4c 4s]
utbuckeye shows [7c 7s]
*** RIVER *** [5s 5h 6h Qc] [3h]
Blinders shows two pair, Tens and Fives
utbuckeye shows two pair, Sevens and Fives
Blinders wins the side pot ($230.50) with two pair, Tens and Fives
Belfastbuckejit shows two pair, Fives and Fours
Blinders wins the main pot ($218.25) with two pair, Tens and Fives
Nuff Said?

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

$1721 - Flopped Straight Flush Gets Paid

I took another shot at 2/4 NL, and after an initial setback worked my way up about $40 during a 2-table session. Then I lost a $340 pot on the river to a 3 outer (all-in on turn). This sent me packing back to 1/2 NL. I don't think my luck has been there at 2/4 NL so far. The above hand, a hand where I lost $340 to a draw (coinflip) a few days ago, and some of the other hands I have posted, have all been pretty big losing pots, where a little luck could have gone a long way. I have not been on the winning side of to many big ones, yet am still hovering less than 1 buy-in down. So back at 1/2 NL, and I get the ultimate BB special in a 3-way limped pot.

FullTiltPoker Game #1449598612: Table Arlington Bridge
- $1/$2 - No Limit Hold'em - 15:21:04 ET - 2006/12/21
Seat 1: mhun_honey ($210)
Seat 2: seapeaA ($183)
Seat 3: MrHuggybearUK ($185.25)
Seat 4: Jigga24 ($187)
Seat 5: sewerrat80 ($136.65)
Seat 6: echambio ($113.90)
Seat 7: HoldemPop ($203.30)
Seat 8: keirah ($278.90)
Seat 9: Blinders ($245.40)
keirah posts the small blind of $1
Blinders posts the big blind of $2
The button is in seat #7

*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to Blinders [5d 4d]

mhun_honey folds
seapeaA folds
MrHuggybearUK folds
Jigga24 folds
sewerrat80 folds
echambio folds
HoldemPop calls $2
keirah calls $1

Blinders checks

*** FLOP *** [6d 8d 7d]

keirah checks

Blinders checks

HoldemPop bets $4
keirah calls $4

Blinders calls $4

*** TURN *** [6d 8d 7d] [Ah]

keirah bets $12

Blinders calls $12

HoldemPop folds

*** RIVER *** [6d 8d 7d Ah] [6c]

keirah bets $15

Blinders raises to $40

keirah has 15 seconds left to actkeirah raises to $84

Blinders raises to $146

keirah calls $62

*** SHOW DOWN ***
Blinders shows [5d 4d] (a straight flush, Eight high)
keirah mucks
Blinders wins the pot ($331) with a straight flush, Eight high

Seat 8: keirah (small blind) mucked [8s 6h] - a full house, Sixes full of Eights

In Summary:
2 checks, 2 calls, 2 raises in order (the weak-tight recipe), can work. Yep, I prolly even left some $ on the table.

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

$1580 - Weak-Tight Hand of the Week

I have not done an update to the ladder challenge in a little bit, so here it is. I took another shot at 2/4 NL, and got on some pretty good tables and worked my way to almost even. Then in my next session at 2/4 NL, I played the hand below. It was played pretty weakly/poorly possibly on all streets. I will explain my thought process at the time, but feel free to show me where I made mistakes, or what you would have done.

FullTiltPoker Game #1432200842: Table Fogg
- $2/$4 - No Limit Hold'em - 15:38:58 ET - 2006/12/18
Seat 1: w1cked ($560.80)
Seat 2: race62 ($155.25)
Seat 3: Blinders ($392)
Seat 4: GamblingSOB ($174.10)
Seat 5: omidf ($178.60)
Seat 6: bg26892 ($456.25)
Seat 8: treborff ($318.90)
Seat 9: loweighties ($519.30)
GamblingSOB posts the small blind of $2
omidf posts the big blind of $4
The button is in seat #3
*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to Blinders [Kc Qc]
bg26892 folds
treborff folds
loweighties folds
w1cked raises to $16
race62 folds

I had not been at the table long, but I had a read on W1cked. He was very aggressive pre and post flop. He was raising to $14 a lot preflop. On one hand he was popped back to $42, tanked, then called. On a T high flop, he got it all in with the other guy, and his ATo was good against AK. It appeared he would go to the felt with an overpair or top pair pretty easy.

His raise to $16 bothered me a little (he always went to $14 before), but I am in position with a hand that has lots of possibilities. I decide to just call.

Blinders calls $16

GamblingSOB foldsomidf folds
*** FLOP *** [8c 8s 9c]
w1cked bets $32

Standard C-bet here. I have a pretty fat draw with the two overs and the flush draw. W1cked could have anything at this point. I decide to min raise him back for a few reasons. First, it will help narrow W1cked's range. Second, if he only calls, I can take control of the betting. Third, if he only calls, he may check to me on the turn giving me a free card. Lastly, I might win the pot right here.

Blinders raises to $64

w1cked raises to $120

Damn, there goes my plan. Assuming that my overs would be good (not so sure anymore), I have 15 outs, and have the pot odds easy to call here and try to hit by the turn. I also could jam right here, as that would appear pretty strong, but I am not sure I can push this guy off of an over pair. I think he has a middle type pair at this point. Say QQ-99. TT or JJ would make calling a good play. I decide to just call.

Blinders calls $56

*** TURN *** [8c 8s 9c] [2s]

w1cked bets $200

I am starting to think that my K or Q would not be good. Flush may be good, but I really do not have the odds to chase anymore. Time to cut my losses.

Blinders folds

w1cked mucks

w1cked wins the pot ($275)

Alright where did I screw that hand up (every street is a reasonable answer), and what hand do you think W1cked had.

Monday, December 18, 2006

I Am An ATM Machine

I am an ATM Machine

I have folded KK preflop in a cash game to pressure (see 11/20/06 post - can't get the link to work)

I have folded hands like TPTK to pressure after C-betting more times than I could possibly count

I am an ATM Machine

I am Weak

You can find me late night at the 2/4 NL and 1/2 NL tables on FullTilt

Better look me up soon before the 15k bankroll that I have luckboxed into is gone

When I go busto, I will move to the play tables where I belong.

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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Most Bloggers Are Weak-Tight, WTF?

Since nobody decided to jump into this one, I will take a stab. First off, I totally respect the play of the likes of Lucko, Matt Matros, and Fuel, so I hope they do not take any of this wrong. But I was kind of offended by the CC Weak-Tight article. I heard lucko make this comment in Vegas (I think in CCs presence), and it may have been the reason for the article. Calling someone weak at a poker table, or just calling someone a weak poker player is a pretty major insult IMO. I immediately asked lucko what he meant by "weak" and he said something along the lines of they are easy to push off hands. My problem with the whole weak-tight accusation, is that it appears to lump a bunch of bloggers who play with various styles into a single category. Additionally, it uses the derogatory term "weak", without doing a very good job of defining exactly what is meant by "weak".

Most people use the PokerTracker methodology for categorizing players. There is no "weak" category in PokerTracker. There is "tight" which is defined as voluntarily seeing less then 20% of flops. There is also passive or aggressive categories for pre and post flop play. Aggressive preflop is defined as raising more than 5% of your hands preflop. Aggressive post flop is having a post-flop "aggression factor" higher than 2. Post flop aggression is defined as (Bet%+Raise%)/Call%. If you do not fall into the aggressive category you are considered passive. My play is classified as Tight-Aggressive-Aggressive. I really don't think they were calling me out as weak personally, but if someone thinks I am "weak" I would appreciate you going through my PokerTracker statistics and pointing out where (just go back a couple of posts and take a look).

So my guess is they mean "Tight-Passive" (passive postflop) when they say "Weak-Tight". If this is way wrong please correct me, but if that is what they mean why use a derogatory term like "weak"? So lets separate the two terms. Tight to me is right. Go to any poker site, and sort by % seeing the flop. Guess what? The tightest play is at the highest levels, the loosest is at the lowest. Assuming that the best players play the higher levels, then the best players are "tight". Tight is right, and it's a virtue. No one should be ashamed of playing tight.

So is "Tight-Passive" ever correct? It is pretty decent strategy at the lower limits, where ABC poker gets the money. If you are playing against a bunch of players who you can't push off of top/middle pair, or draws, your best bet is betting hard your good hands and folding the marginal ones, and calling with draws when you have the odds. Since these are the levels that a good portion of bloggers play at, they are playing close to ideal strategy. I really do not see this leaving a ton of money on the table. In fact, my guess is if lucko, Matt, and fuel were to take there standard hyper-aggressive game to a .25/.50 NL cash game, they would probably not be able to beat it, without making huge adjustments towards ABC poker. At the lower levels you gain significant (enough) advantage by being a lot tighter than most of your opponents preflop, and not getting too tricky postflop.

So what about the higher levels? The play tightens up significantly, so your preflop tightness advantage is now gone. You have a mix of good players, and tight-passive type players who have recently moved up. This is where post flop play makes a huge difference, and the guys are absolutely correct in saying they can eat-up the tight-passive players at these levels. ABC poker post flop is not good enough any more, and it's much more of a mental game where deception is key. So I completely agree that the style of play they recommend is correct as you move up to the mid to high stakes levels.

So far I have only talked about Cash Games. I don't think the analysis is very easy for MTTs, where it's all about adjusting to dynamic factors like stack sizes, blind levels, number of players at the table.... The good MTT players tend to throw their typical styles out the window late in tourneys, and become a short stack maniac, a short handed expert, or whatever is required to keep chipping up, and not blinding out.

Lucko made the comment "part of why I have done so well in a lot of blogger tournaments are because players do play weak-tight". Dude, you do well in all tournaments. You run right over bloggers, donks, noobs, pros, everyone. You are that good. Please don't single us bloggers out specifically on this, it is misleading.

Now a quote from Fuel55 "They last longer in tourneys than average donks (compare the bust rate after 1 hour in a blogger tourney to a $20 tourney from the general population and you see the bloggers are 25% bust vs. 50% in the norm) However this is more indicative of weak tight than smart play". I think I need to disagree with this. When the bust rate is 1/2 of what it would normally be, to me that's a tough tournament. There just are not any easy chips to pick up. Who does not prefer tournaments with high bust rates, where chips are easy to accumulate? Just about everyone I have read recommends ABC poker early in tournaments. There are a couple of reasons for this. The blinds are too small to fight over, and it crafts a tight passive image that you can exploit later when the blinds count for something. There is a small number of people who don't play this way, but it is a minority opinion. I can't really understand why it is perceived as negative when most bloggers play the correct early MTT strategy.

Lastly, I would like to turn things back on the accusers. From Matt "There are gradations of weak/tight of course, but the main features are an unwillingness to call bets/raises without very big hands". So if you are unwilling to call bets/raises without very big hands you are "weak". Have you ever tried playing back at one of these hyper-aggressive type players. They are typically raising slim, and are relying on you to fold. When you pop them back, they typically fold their questionable hands. By there own definition this is "weak". So if you get a chance, put one of these guys to the test, and find out who the "weak" one is.

As I said in the beginning, I totally respect these guys play, and it is extremely appropriate for the levels that they play at. Just be careful if you are a lower limit player. The types of adjustments they recommend like dropping ABC poker, and raising slim more often, may be detrimental to your bankroll. If you want to take a shot at the higher limits, then listen to everything these guys have to say. You will be learning from the best. If not, then don't let someone bully you into changing your style by calling you out as "weak".

Friday, December 15, 2006

Vegas Report Part III

I slept in till about noon for the second day in a row. Quickly I raced to Caesar’s for the blogger tourney. Grabbed some lunch at the food court at Caesar’s and registered just before 1:30PM. Caesars really screwed up the seat selection IMO. It basically was tied directly to the order you registered. Anyone else notice that the people you were in line to register with all ended up at your starting table? I was inline with Spaceman, Easycure, FallStaff, and Ryan, and poof they are all at my starting table. I did luck out and get a dead stack directly to my left.

The cards were in the air sometime around 2PM. The table seemed to be pretty tight in general (which should be expected early in a deep stack tourney). I picked up the hammer on the third hand on the button and stole the deadstack and FallStaff’s blinds with it. After exposing my cards, FallStaff was pissed, because I had pushed him off the hammer as well. It folded to my button quite a bit, and I always seemed to have a little somthin-somthin so I stole the deadstack and Fallstaff blinds about 5 times during the first two levels. The only times I did not was when Spaceman beat me to it. Spaceman was pretty aggressive, and I was usually just smooth calling him preflop, trying to hit something big and stack him. I had it pretty well set up for this, but the situation never presented itself. One time it folded to me on the button, and I had some real raggedy cards, so I went ahead and gave FallStaff a walk in his BB for the first time. The poor guy had AA that time. I’m a freaking genius. In general, I was floating around the 5-7k in chips for most of the first two hours. I was gobbling up lots of small pots, but never taking down anything very big. One interesting hand went down between Ryan and Spaceman. I am pretty sure it was raised preflop, and after a J high uncoordinated flop, Ryan led out from out of position. Spaceman reraised to 2.5k. Ryan tanked for a bit and then reraised to 5k total. Spaceman jammed for a little more and Ryan called. I was expecting to see some monster hands. Spaceman flipped up QQ for an overpair (not bad), and Ryan flipped up 22 for an under pair (huh?). Ryan did not last much longer after that.

Just before the opening table broke, I got my first real hand (QQ), on the button, and did the typical steal of FallStaff’s blinds like I had done nearly everytime. This time he popped me back. There is no way I could let my hand go, so I jammed saying “well it’s been nice playing with everyone”. FallStaff asked if I had AA which made me feel a little better. Eventually he called with QQ as well. I got to 4 to my flush by the turn, but bricked the river (that would have been a sick beat for FallStaff), so we chopped. After that they broke our table and we were down to the last four and about 35 remaining. At the new table, I had Spaceman and FallStaff still, as well as Mattazuma, Drizz, and Miami Don. Drizz was getting short and pushing in a lot (it’s his patented move). He pushed in on my BB, and I looked down to find QQ again. I call, and drizz flips up 76o. Looks like I will finally get that big pot I need. A 7 flops, and Drizz turns a straight, but the river puts a straight on the board for the chop. QQ twice all-in preflop, and two chops for those scoring at home. Eventually I was down to 3k in chips on the button, and Mattazuma made it 3k to go. I found AQs, and put my last chips in the middle.

This is where I totally screwed up, and I have done this before as well. You simply can’t disrespect the hammer in a blogger tourney. I made the mistake of saying “show me the hammer” to Mattazuma before he turned his cards up. Sure enough he showed it to me, and cracked my AQs when two sevens hit the board. I should have said “show me AJ”. I would have been a much bigger favorite against that. So I was eliminated around 30th. I played about as good as I can, but just could not get a big pot. It’s tough against the skill level of the bloggers, so I am actually pretty happy about my play even though no final table. There were plenty of all-stars eliminated before me. There was some talk about heading over to the Venetian for a MTT, but I chickened out and did a quick power nap back at the hotel.

Around 8PM, I headed over to the IP for a night of gambling and debauchery. I hung out at the Geisha bar for a while with Spaceman and others, and there was a conversation about what a douche Jamie Gold was. I guess I am the only blogger who thinks he is a decent player. Sure he is an arrogant luckbox, but he did lead the biggest tournament ever for 6 straight days. It may have been luck, but give the boy the credit he is due. It was arguably the most impressive performance ever in a tournament. I also loved how he got the call on the last hand, by questioning the manhood of a player who was better than him, and should have just shaken off the mindfuck Jamie was laying down. It’s also so much fun when you’re playing live to keep saying “I have a hand, you should fold” when others are in the tank. I did it at my last home game to great effect.

At 9:30PM, I headed up for the Poker Tec party. It was pretty cool to get all the bloggers together, in a big room with free drinks instead of the $5 Corona’s and pimps/hos at the Geisha bar. I think we raged it up till they kicked us out at midnight. We were playing S&Gs for real money at the Poker Tec table and it was pissing them off, because they don’t have a license yet, but fun none-the-less. Love Elf took one S&G down, and got handed $90 before she even realized we were playing for money, lol.

At midnight, I headed to the IP poker room where they were opening a ½ nl table for the bloggers. We had Smokkee, CC, Lucko, SuperStoner, pro Richard Brodie, Sox Lover, and a couple other bloggers I did not know. Brodie is a total dickwad IMO. Rather than just play solid poker, he was angle shooting, and trying to play mindgames with us. Dude save that shit for the higher levels. After Smokkee smacked him around for a while he did the right thing and got up and left. That’s when what has been described as the “biggest nads contest” started going down. The problem was that you had Smokkee, Lucko and SuperStoner playing at stakes that were way beneath them and meaningless. It was live stradled every hand effectively making it a 2/4 NL game, and these guys were slinging massive amounts of chips around nearly everyhand. I tried to adjust to this, but the deck was not being kind to me. After about 2 hours, I was stuck about $40. I won a decent pot against an unknown blogger and called it quits having crawled back to even. I am now convinced you can get an accurate reading on the size of a man’s balls just by what they do with tiny clay disks on a green felt table. Who would have thunk that?

As 3 in the AM neared, I was looking forward to the advertised Craps session at Casino Royal led by the infamous Spaceman. He was hanging at the Pia Gow tables, so I asked when we were heading over there. He decided to call it a night. I decided to make my third solo trip to Casino Royal for Craps. I played for about ½ hour, and dropped about $20, before heading back to the IP.

It was now pushing 4 AM, and I had a huge concert to go to Sunday Night in LA. I really was not planning on staying up this late, but shit happens in Vegas. Back at the IP I ran into Speaker, and found out that Bobby BlackJack was at one of the BJ tables. You just can’t ever pass up an opportunity to play with the king when it’s there, so I sat down at third base, while Speaker bought in at first. Bobby was holding down second base (midfield?). The stakes were $15. I prefer $1, but like your going to find that on the strip on a Saturday night. I played a few hands, and dropped about $75, then rallied back to even. Bobby was there for me when I got stuck with tough decisions like do you double down with a soft 15 and the dealer showing a 3. Now I know that answer is YES. I wish I could have just kept going, but I needed some rest so I would not be completely dead on Sunday and called it quits around 4:30AM. I would wake-up at 10:30, check out and drive home the following morning to get back to LA for night 2 of the “KROQ Almost Acoustic X-Mas” concert starting at 5PM. I will do one last recap later, but I have to say it was one of the best times I have ever had in Vegas and that is saying quite a bit, because I have had many incredible times there in the past. I don’t know how I will ever be able to miss out on one of these gatherings. Bloggers rawk!

$1643 - Laddering up to 2/4 NL, and Taking Down CC's Thursday Bash

I have managed to get the ladder challenge roll north of $1600 again so it's back to 2/4 NL. It really feels like the FullTilt cash games are softer now then ever. I think there are a couple of reasons for this. First, there are tons of PartyPoker fish swimming in the FullTilt pool now. There were almost 35,000 players last night on FullTilt, which is the most I have ever seen. Second, I think that there is a class of players who never got around to playing online, and are jumping on now, knowing that it may not last long. Does anyone else think this is what is going on. The consensus was that the games would get tougher after the Port Security Bill, but I am convinced the opposite is happening. At least for now.

Last night I jumped in to CC's Thursday night bash. It was a small but fun crowd, and there was a nice $75 bonus for 1st and $25 bonus for the bubble. I played real aggressive at the first table early, and accumulated some chips. When the Final table formed, I had about an average stack. Smokkee was there and as usual was talking smack non-stop. I told him I was going to come over the top of one of his reraises at some point. Then I got in a pretty good situation. Smokkee was rasiing from the button every time it folded to him, and getting all-in way to often. I picked up QQ in the BB, and smokkee did his typical 3x button steal to 600. Kat was short, and called putting her all-in. I jammed for about 2500 total, and smokkee called with TT (Kat had K8). My queens held, and I took a nice chip lead with Dr. Pauly a close second. I played a few interesting hands with Pauly, restealing one of his button steals, and jamming with AQ on a AJT flop (pauly released KJ). Then I got AK and reraised Pauly's preflop raise. The flop came K high, and I checked behind Pauly to appear weak. He led out on the Turn after a blank fell, and I jammed. This time Pauly had to call with his KQ, and my chip lead became massive. From that point on, I stayed aggressive and picked my spots, eliminating the rest of the field without ever really giving any chips back to the shorties. I ended up heads up with CJ with a 19k to 2k chip lead. Thanks CC for hosting the event and providing the bonus. I guess I have a shot at the points lead if I can finish in the money next week.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Vegas Report Part Duece

I was planning on trying to make the 11am tournament on Friday, but overslept and blew it off. I did manage to get lunch and get seated at a ½ NL game at the MGM by 12:30. Otis and Weak were already at a 2/5 NL table. Miami Don was not in the room yet. I had a pretty good session slowly building my $200 buy-in up to about $280. Then I flopped a low 2-pair from the Button in a 5-way limped pot. After it checked to me, I bet the pot, and lost all but one opponent. Turn brings a Ten (high card on board). Opponent checks, and I bet $25, and the other guy pushes for $79 more. There is no flush, and only one possible straight. I tank for a while, and decide to call. He had turned a higher 2-pair, and I lost. I think my call was a little donkey, but it was one of my few mistakes of the session. So now I am down $50, but I kept playing my game and built back up to $275. By then I had been playing for about 4 hours. Don was in the house and at the 2/5 NL table and others were arriving as well. Four hours straight poker for me is a lot. I will prolly never make poker my profession for this and other reasons. I wanted to take a break, vs. making the jump over to the 2/5 NL table that was a mix of half bloggers, half tourists. I decided to take a break, play some craps, grab a bite, and try to get back to the MGM around 8PM.

I headed to Casino Royal (where else on the strip for Craps). I had a real nice session there for about 1 ½ hours for a $75 profit. I also decided I liked their $1 chips, so I pocketed 100 of them (more on this later, maybe). I grabbed a quick bite at the food court next door, went back the room to get cleaned up, and back to the MGM.

It was about 8pm, and the bloggers were already there in force. I sat down for some more ½ NL, and had a rough, brief, session where all my bluffs were getting called down, but I was too stubborn to stop bluffing. I dropped about $50 and took a break heading for the sportsbook bar. I hung out at the bar for a while and found out the HORSE table was forming, so I grabbed my $5 chips from the other table and sat down. I play a pretty decent game of HORSE for some reason. I can’t really explain it. I am comfortable with Holdem, Razz and Omaha, but am pretty bad at all forms of Stud. I tend to just fold through the Stud portions unless I get some monster starting hand. Since we were not doing antes this approach would not be bad. At various times at the table were Ryan, EasyCure, F-Train, Zeem, Joe Speaker, GCox and others (I wish I knew everyone). On about the third hand of Omaha I got dealt Ah2h3dJd which looked pretty good to me. I was able to get the pot 6-way capped preflop. When I flopped 4 to the low, and a draw to the nut flush, I was some how able to get it capped again on the flop. I think we only lost one at this point. The turn completed my low, and with A23 my low was going to be Nuts no matter what the river brought. I also picked up my Diamond flush draw as well. I think we capped the turn as well, now 3-way. The river completed my Flush for the nuts low and high. I only got two bets in on the river and I won the high and split the low with Zeem in about a $250 pot, which is pretty crazy for 2/4 NL. After that, I got the wheel twice in a row in Razz (chopping with EasyCure once), and won a couple big hands in Stud with hidden rockets. I was screwing with F-Train a lot in Razz which felt great because he is such a good Razz player. The cards were helping though. Ended up playing until about 2:30 AM, and walked up $140 at HORSE.

At some point after midnight, Huge Junk arrived. He was absent from the spreadsheet, so I did not think he was going to show. He is one of my favorite bloggers, so I was very glad to see him, plus I might get a chance to play some BJ with the king before the trip was over. I ended up calling it a night around 3AM, so I could rest up for the blogger tourney.

In my next report:

Blogger Tournament
How to measure the size of your balls using clay disks only
Pimps and Hos at the IP bar
A late night BJ session with the king himself

Stay tuned

Monday, December 11, 2006

Vegas Report Part A

I wanted to scribble some stuff down before I forgot. Somethings are already forgotten thanks to the constant alcohol poisoning, but I shall try my best.

I was planning on sneaking out of work early Thursday to beat the traffic out to Vegas. There comes a point in time in the afternoon when every 5 minutes delay in leaving for Vegas adds, 30 minutes to your arrival time. I had one significant task to get resolved at work. It should have been pretty easy, but turned out to be a complete clusterfuck. I ended up splitting just before 4pm with the situation not fully resolved. oh well. It was a typical evening weekday drive to Vegas. I averaged about 30 MPH for the first two hours, and 85 MPH for the next 2.5 hours once the car got into the rarefied desert air.

I would roll into town a little after 8 PM, check-in, grab a bite, and head over to the IP just in time for Pauly's cocktail hour. Already at the bar were Pauly, Change100, Zeem, SoxLover, FallStaff, Weak Player, and Miami Don (OK there were more, but I ended up putting a few back that night so the memory is a little shaky). I talked a lot with zeem, and I really think he is a great guy. I guess I ripped on his cash game play a little last time in this blog, and he let me know about it. I met Miami Don as well. He is a cash game specialist, and is a big time sports better, so we have a lot in common. Later on, Otis, Iggy, and others would arrive. It was advertised that we would be playing $1 Craps at Casino Royal, but I could not pry anyone away from the Giesha Bar.

I was jonesing to gambool a bit, so I headed over to the Royal solo to get my fix. It was $3 craps, but still the cheapest craps game in town. I played for about an hour swinging up at first, and then down about $15 total at the end. More importantly, I got about 5 free Killians down, which was a nice change from the $5 corona's at the Geisha bar. I headed back to the IP, and sat down at the blogger Pia Gow table with Otis and others. It was $15 Pia Gow, and I had not played in years. It was a fun table, and I would get some good cards. After about an hour, it was pushing 3:30 in the AM, and I was up $45 at Pia Gow. Since I did plan on playing some poker at MGM the following day, I thought I would call it quits and get some rest (let the berating comments begin).

In my next report.

MGM NL Cash Games
Blogger mixed game table
Swinging positive at Craps
Friday night cocktail hour at the MGM
A surprise appearance by an unexpected blogger

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

$1489 - Vegas Baby

I didn't get a lot of hands in the last two days. Just 200 at 1/2 NL. I did win $141, and am getting close to another shot at 2/4 NL. My cash games feels great right now. I think my post flop play is about as good as it has ever been. So now for Vegas.

I'm heading out today. This will be my second time. I scored tickets to the 2nd night of the KROQ almost acoustic x-mas concert yesterday, so I am going to have to leave semi-early Sunday back to LA. Hopefully the Thursday arrival will make up for that. I shall crush the cash games in Vegas if I can get some hours in. Not expecting on getting many hours in. I am staying at the Trop, for it's proximity the Fridays festivities. Have not run many MTTs in about a month now, so I'm probably a little rusty for the big tourney, but it's deep stacks so I'm not to worried. Except for the fact that lucko, smokkee, Iak, and fuel are now playing in the blogger tourney, instead of some $500 buy-in that more suits their ability. BS in my mind.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

$1348 - Working My Way Back Up

Smokkee commented that I should quit the ladder challenge and drop back down to .50/1 NL. Sorry, not going to happen. I really think it is doing wonders for my game. If you could take away the first hand history from yesterday, which was a very unusual hand for me (I pretty much never get it in for a full stack preflop with AK in a cash game), My stats would be pretty solid all around right now. I'm just going to work myself back up to 2/4 NL and give it another shot. The variance as a portion of your bankroll is huge when using an artificially small ladder challenge bankroll. I fully expected that I would be bouncing around the $1600 level while taking shots at 2/4 NL. What I did not expect was to play solid and with confidence at 1/2 NL. This level has kicked my ass on so many occasions in the past, I can't begin to count them. But because of the challenge, I am now pretty sure I can beat it long term. I have not even played a single hand of .50/1 nl during the challenge. Yesterday, I won about $117 back at 1/2 NL
Smokkee does raise an interesting point though. A ladder challenge is open ended in a way. If you never go busto with the bankroll it goes on forever. With the $800 cushion I put in place at .50/1 NL it is doubtful I will ever go "busto". So I guess it will go on forever. Actually, I am thinking I am going to run it for 10,000 hands. Seems like a nice number. Then if I ever run it again, I will do another 10,000h and compare the results. It will be interesting to look at the breakdown of hands played per level. If your playing more hands at the higher levels the second time, your game appears to be improving.
Now for a quick OCPT Championship recap. It was clearly not my night. I was card dead for the entire rebuy period. I won 1 hand when I bluffed from the SB into the BB on a 442 flop, and got him to lay down 2-pair. Just before the rebuys ended, I got QQ and raised about 3.5x getting called by the BB. I got it in on a J82 rainbow flop, and got stacked by J2o. I double rebought, and took the add-on. Again pretty card dead, but worked my stack up slightly bluffing and splitting a pot with a boat on the board. Then I got Q9o in the BB and limped with 2 others. Flop was A93 rainbow. I bet $100 to see if anyone had the ace, since it was a limped pot. They both call, and I am done with the hand. Then a Q drops giving me 2-pair. I have one of these guys on a decent A, so I bet $300 with less than $300 behind and get reraised all-in. I pretty much have to call, and think I am ahead, but he flips up 33 for the flopped set and IGHN. It was a lot of fun, and Joe Speaker made a guest appearance taking down 3rd for a nice payday. My buddy Tom (TA) won the championship title.

Monday, December 04, 2006

$1231 - Ace King of Diamonds - No Good

Up until this point in the ladder challenge, I had never been stacked once. I got my self stacked twice on Friday. Once at 2/4 NL, once at 1/2 NL, and both with AKs (diamonds). They were a couple of interesting hands, and I don't think that I really played either wrong. Hands with comments are below for those intereseted.

FullTiltPoker Game #1338708075: Table Rose Canyon
- $2/$4 - No Limit Hold'em - 1:07:49 ET - 2006/12/02
Seat 2: Notaclue2 ($366.20)
Seat 3: Blinders ($392.50)
Seat 4: Jasmine6 ($0), is sitting out
Seat 5: hedodave ($212)
Seat 6: IslandTime ($402.80)
Seat 7: bostondoc ($64.80)
Seat 8: ewandi1 ($279.20)
Seat 9: therecanbeonly1 ($222.20)
IslandTime posts the small blind of $2
bostondoc posts the big blind of $4
The button is in seat #5
*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to Blinders [Ad Kd]
ewandi1 folds
therecanbeonly1 folds
Notaclue2 folds

Blinders raises to $14

Typical Open Raise from MP.

hedodave folds
IslandTime calls $12
bostondoc raises to $64.80, and is all in

OK a bid stack called me from the SB, and the shorty in the BB pushes. I am not going to give the shorty a ton of credit. The bigstack really can't have a monster with the out of position call preflop. I have pot odds to call the shorty unless he has AA or KK. I think I need to call or raise here. I don't want to play a massive pot preflop with AK so I just call, and am hoping the bigstack folds or just calls.

Blinders calls $50.80

IslandTime raises to $402.80, and is all in

Nooooooo! Did not want to see that one. Could this guy have played that way with AA or KK? I don't think so. I am putting him on a middle pair. Something like 99-JJ. I think he sensed weakness when I only called the SBs push and is pushing in for folding equity, figuring that I have AK or something along those lines. Well this will be a massive pot if I call. There is almost $200 in dead money in the pot, so I have pot odds to call an under pair here easy. Do I have the ballz to take a coinflip on this big of a pot. I need to have them. I decide to call.

Blinders calls $327.70, and is all in

IslandTime shows [Kh Kc]
bostondoc shows [Jc Js]
Blinders shows [Ad Kd]
Uncalled bet of $10.30 returned to IslandTime
*** FLOP *** [4h 8s Tc]
*** TURN *** [4h 8s Tc] [Ks]
*** RIVER *** [4h 8s Tc Ks] [Jd]
mightypro150 sits downIslandTime shows three of a kind, Kings
Blinders shows a pair of Kings
IslandTime wins the side pot ($655.40) with three of a kind, Kings
bostondoc shows three of a kind, Jacks
IslandTime wins the main pot ($191.40) with three of a kind, Kings
SUMMARY ***Total pot $849.80 Main pot $194.40. Side pot $655.40. Rake $3Board: [4h 8s Tc Ks Jd]

Well I could not put him on KK there and paid the price. I kind of got on a slippery slope on the hand, but still think I played it correct. You have to be able to gambool. With the King showing up on the turn, I could have beat a lot of hands, but not a set of Kings or Jacks. So much for being up close to a buy-in at 2/4NL. So I move down to 1/2 NL and get this beauty.

FullTiltPoker Game #1339362612: Table Summit Grove
- $1/$2 - No Limit Hold'em - 3:46:59 ET - 2006/12/02
Seat 1: phil phd ($111.85)
Seat 2: boltz00083 ($283.25)
Seat 3: whalerz ($181)
Seat 4: sl999333 ($198)
Seat 5: Blinders ($140.60)
Seat 6: cody15 ($73)
Seat 7: TNN4731 ($220.25)
Seat 8: uhwtf ($204.75)
Seat 9: jp4life19 ($106.90)
whalerz posts the small blind of $1
sl999333 posts the big blind of $2
The button is in seat #2

*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to Blinders [Kd Ad]

Typical UTG Raise here

Blinders raises to $7

cody15 folds
TNN4731 calls $7
uhwtf folds
jp4life19 folds
phil phd folds
boltz00083 folds
whalerz foldssl999333 folds

*** FLOP *** [4h Kc 4c]

You can't ask for much better of a flop there for top pair. I am worried about a set, but with that board, you are safe. pocket 4s for quads or pocket kings for Trip Kings. AA not too likely. If you have pocket Aces and flop three different unders, there are three cards that can make a set against you. With this board sets are not very likely. I am ready to go to war as required.

Blinders bets $10

TNN4731 raises to $22

Blinders raises to $34

TNN4731 calls $12

Just a call there, so I am felling pretty good. I put this guy on a decent King (KQ or KJ), or a middle pair 55-QQ. He is pretty fucked if he continues on.

*** TURN *** [4h Kc 4c] [Ah]

That card can't help him. I got top two pair now, with no flush or straight possible, and quad 4s or trip Aces or Kings don't make sense either. I gots this one.

Blinders bets $28

TNN4731 has 15 seconds left to actTNN4731 raises to $56

Blinders raises to $99.60, and is all in

TNN4731 calls $43.60

Blinders shows [Kd Ad]
TNN4731 shows [4s 5s]
*** RIVER *** [4h Kc 4c Ah] [8c]
Blinders shows two pair, Aces and Kings
TNN4731 shows three of a kind, Fours
TNN4731 wins the pot ($281.20) with three of a kind, Fours
*** SUMMARY ***Total pot $284.20 Rake $3Board: [4h Kc 4c Ah 8c]

Well, if you are going to call my preflop raise heads-up with a small suited connector, and you flop trips, and I flop top pair, I am going to pay you off. You just hit about a 100-1 shot on the flop, nh sir. I think if I can't play that hand that way, I need to quit playing poker.

I did not play at all over the weekend, as Saturday I was getting ready for the OCPT tour Championship, and Sunday I was recovering from it. I will not be able to clear my reload bonus on FullTilt, but I will be back at the virtual felt today.

Friday, December 01, 2006

$1847 - 500 Hands of 2/4 NL Now

I didn't play much on Wednesday, but I got about 190h of 2/4 NL in yesterday for a $95 profit. I also managed to drop about $90 playing 1/2 NL, pretty much all of it when I guy sucked out a runner/runner flush. My 2/4 stats look good, but it is still a small sample and I am up less than a full buy-in. I really think my cash game style fits in well at 2/4 NL (possibly better than at 1/2 NL). I am getting more and more comfortable at 2/4 NL which is nice. I have not played any huge pots yet, and I may be shying away from them too much. Yesterday, I flopped 2-pair from the BB wit 83 on an A83 two diamond board. I bet 3/4 pot on the flop, and got three callers. I bet $35 on the turn (about 2/3rds), and got rerasied to $70, then there was a smooth call, and I got a little spooked and released the hand. The reraiser had a full $400 and had me covered. The river bricked, and the bigstack put the other guy in who folded. Bigstack, then said "we must have been drawing at the same hand, that's why we missed". I personally think he was BSing there, but bottomline, I could have pushed the turn with 2-pair, and got into a $900 pot, but did not want to with a smallish 2-pair.

Saturday Night is the OCPT Tour Championship. Its going to be one of the bigger home games I have hosted with about 25 entries and about $1500 in prize pool. I am the money leader on tour, but will need to win this for the official title of 2006 OCPT Tour Championship. Mr. Speaker will be making a guest appearance with amateur status on the OCPT, and I almost have Smokkee in as well. Should be a blast.