Wednesday, December 06, 2006

$1489 - Vegas Baby

I didn't get a lot of hands in the last two days. Just 200 at 1/2 NL. I did win $141, and am getting close to another shot at 2/4 NL. My cash games feels great right now. I think my post flop play is about as good as it has ever been. So now for Vegas.

I'm heading out today. This will be my second time. I scored tickets to the 2nd night of the KROQ almost acoustic x-mas concert yesterday, so I am going to have to leave semi-early Sunday back to LA. Hopefully the Thursday arrival will make up for that. I shall crush the cash games in Vegas if I can get some hours in. Not expecting on getting many hours in. I am staying at the Trop, for it's proximity the Fridays festivities. Have not run many MTTs in about a month now, so I'm probably a little rusty for the big tourney, but it's deep stacks so I'm not to worried. Except for the fact that lucko, smokkee, Iak, and fuel are now playing in the blogger tourney, instead of some $500 buy-in that more suits their ability. BS in my mind.


At 9:40 AM, Blogger smokkee said...

i hope you're at my starting table in the Blogger tourney. i can always use some free blinds.

if you're not gonna have time for much NL cash games, then what the hell are you gonna be doing? dropping all your money on lap dances at cheetahs?


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