Monday, February 15, 2010

Climate Change Soon to be Called "Weather"

Obama loves to make the claim that "Climate Change" is real, and we must do something about it. Lets think about that for a second. Climate change is real? So he is saying the the climate of the earth is not steady state, but it actually changes overtime. Hmmm? Not going out on a limb much there. Just insert any other known scientific fact and claim it is real and we must do something about it. There were reasons that he did not call it AWG or "Global Warming". Lets face facts, the scientific train wreck that used to be called AWG (Anthropic Global Warming) or human caused global warming has simply lost its credibility in the face of mounting evidence to the contrary. Rather than admit that they were wrong or at least that it is way too early to act like we can predict the climate 100 years out or even really understand what is going on today, they just retreat and retreat until they find a claim they can defend. After it turned out that it was pretty difficult to scientifically link man to the climate, they just dropped the "A" in favor of the much easier to defend "Global Warming" hypothesis. Unfortunately for them, the earth stopped warming. No statistically significant warming in the last 15 years and global cooling since 2003 is hard to ignore. So they dropped "Global Warming" in favor of "Climate Change". So we are not blaming man anymore, and we don't even care in what direction the climate moves (warmer or colder). We just think that climate change needs to be stopped no matter what the cause is, according to Obama. Continuing along this line, it is just a matter of time before "Weather" replaces "Climate Change" as the term of choice. You can see this with the snow storms in Washington. This weather event is now considered proof both for and against "Climate Change", whatever that means. Washington DC broke its all-time 1899 record for snowfall this year. So 111 years ago the climate or "weather" was similar in Washington DC as it is today. If climate has anything to do with this winter and the extreme snow storms, then the climate is really not much different than it was 111 years ago. Even climate change is starting to get tough to defend. So why not just call it "Weather" or "Weather Change"? They can defend that one. We all know that the weather does change. As long as you make no claims as to why, I think they can safely make that claim. Weather is real and it must be stopped! Good luck with that one.

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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Sticking With The Aints

I don't believe this year is as strong of a pick as last year, but I am still loving the Saints in the Superbowl tomorrow. You can grab them at +6 at Bodog which seems like a no brainer based on the following.

W/L record.

Both teams were 13-0 before mailing it in a bit at the end. Slight edge to Indy for winning one more meaningless game than the Saints.

Strength of Schedule

Both teams had somewhat easy schedules and faced three playoff teams in the regular season. No edge here.

Results against like opponents.

The Saints actually have a huge lead here with better results pretty much across the board against like opponents. Indy lost to Bills and the Jets while the Saints crushed them both. Indy edged out Miami and New England, while the Saints beat them both by large margins. Both teams crushed Arizona (Saints did it in the playoffs). The only edge here you can find for Indy is that the crushed the hapless Rams, while the Saints edged them on the road by just 5 points. Huge edge here for the Saints.

Team Offensive Statistics

Again the Saints hold a pretty big edge here if you look at the numbers. The Saints put up 6 more points per game than Indy, and win their games by 4 more points on average than Indianapolis. They bring a much more balanced attack with 50 more yards per game rushing than Indy while just being 10 yards per game short in passing. Huge edge here for the Saints.

Team Defense Statistics

Indy gives up 2 less points per game and brings a slightly better passing defense to the table. They are also slightly better on turnovers. Slight edge here for Indy.


Indy seems pretty banged up compared the the Saints. Freeney and Powers, two defensive starters, are questionable. Wayne and Addai are probable with shoulder and knee injuries. Other than Meachem and Moore with slight ankle injuries the Saints look pretty healthy even after a tough Minnesota game.


I see no reason why Indy should be favored in the Superbowl. One extra win at the end of the regular season does not overcome the fact that the Saints are better on paper, and did much better against like opponents. You could even make the case that the Saints should be favored in this one. Take the points or bet the money line with the Saints and earns some tomorrow.