Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Bodog Beginner Sit & Goes Still Soft

Leave it to me, to increase my online poker play as a result of Black Friday. I personally don't like my liberty taken away, so I installed the Bodog Poker client in windows on my Mac and off I went. I still had about $350 in Bodog, as it is my only online sports book. Beginners were filling at a nice pace, so I joined a $16 and two $8s as well as a $3 rebut MTT. For those unfamiliar with beginner S&Gs at Bodog, they are a single 10 player table that pays they top 5 in a very flat payout. I have crushed these in the past, but have not played since I upgraded to a MAC about 2 years ago. I won the $16, took 3rd in one $8, and bubbled the other for a very nice profit. In the $3 rebuy, I bought in for a double stack, and not much happened in the first hour. They give you a fat amount of chips for the add-on (two buy-ins?) and I was sitting with about 6k in chips about 90 minutes in when I called a raise with pocket 6s and flopped a set. The preflop raiser was betting into me from out of position, so I smooth called, and then turned a boat. He bet into me again, and I min raised, and we would get it all in. He would flip pocket 4s for a smaller boat, and then one out me on the river for Quads, and I go home now. If I avoid the one out quads, I have a very nice stack, and probably would have cashed in the rebuy easy. It was a pretty fun 90 minute session, that makes me want more.

So even though the last three majors were taken down, there are still some decent US facing online poker to be found. Bodog is mainly a sports book, so their poker operations fly a bit under the radar. It might be somewhat easy to fund with them, since as a US facing sportsbook, they have had to find workarounds for many years now. I realize that with the smaller guys you are risking your funds to some extent, but it seem like you should be able to cash out (i.e. PokerStars) even if a site like Bodog gets shut down. We even used to have blogger MTTs on bodog, so many bloggers may still have some funds there. I will see if Smokkee is interested in putting a new blogger thingy together.

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