Monday, March 20, 2006

The Stop & Go Move

I have been using more of the stop and go move lately, and believe me it works. What is the Stop & Go. Here is how I would define it. After showing strength in a hand, you show weakness when you are not weak, and pounce on someone who would try to steal on your weakness. It's really more of a Go/Stop/Go move, but I will use the term Stop and Go. The move works because so many players will pounce on the first sign of weakness. They are hanging around calling you down with a marginal hand they think may be ahead, or a draw. The second you stop betting they come out swinging even if they missed there draw or their marginal hand has not improved. Its a good way to extract some extra value out of a big hand, when the conditions are right.

There are a couple of variations to the move. The first is when you raise preflop with a small to medium pocket pair. If you hit your set, you may wan't to check it so it appears that you missed the flop. Also, when you miss the flop with the same range of hands, but make a continuation bet anyway that is called. Then when your set hits on the turn it is time to go for a check raise Stop and Go.

My favorite variation is when you limp in with a small pocket pair or suited connectors. With a small pocket pair, I will usually bet or reraise the flop when I hit the set. Now if on the turn, you hit quads, or complete a safe boat you check out of position and hope for a steal attempt. I got two people to push all-in to my quads over the weekend using this move. With suited connectors, or any other hand where you flop an outside straight draw or a high flush draw you bet the flop to disguise your hand. When you hit your draw on the turn (out of position), you check to double disguise your hand. This usually will induce a steal/bet which you can call/bet the river or reraise right there. Good or too aggressive players easily fall for this move, so try it if you can.

The other thing that's good about using the stop and go, is that it will slow down the aggressive players when you are looking for a free card or a free showdown. After they have seen you make this tricky play, they will be less likely to make big steal moves on you just because you stopped betting your hand.


At 12:24 PM, Blogger smokkee said...

good idea. next time i hit quads on the turn i'll try to refrain from shoving in.

At 12:32 PM, Blogger Jim Philips said...

It sounds like a quite interesting move and It can confuse people easily Thanks for the recommendation. I will try it out with online bookmaker to see how it works.


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