Friday, December 01, 2006

$1847 - 500 Hands of 2/4 NL Now

I didn't play much on Wednesday, but I got about 190h of 2/4 NL in yesterday for a $95 profit. I also managed to drop about $90 playing 1/2 NL, pretty much all of it when I guy sucked out a runner/runner flush. My 2/4 stats look good, but it is still a small sample and I am up less than a full buy-in. I really think my cash game style fits in well at 2/4 NL (possibly better than at 1/2 NL). I am getting more and more comfortable at 2/4 NL which is nice. I have not played any huge pots yet, and I may be shying away from them too much. Yesterday, I flopped 2-pair from the BB wit 83 on an A83 two diamond board. I bet 3/4 pot on the flop, and got three callers. I bet $35 on the turn (about 2/3rds), and got rerasied to $70, then there was a smooth call, and I got a little spooked and released the hand. The reraiser had a full $400 and had me covered. The river bricked, and the bigstack put the other guy in who folded. Bigstack, then said "we must have been drawing at the same hand, that's why we missed". I personally think he was BSing there, but bottomline, I could have pushed the turn with 2-pair, and got into a $900 pot, but did not want to with a smallish 2-pair.

Saturday Night is the OCPT Tour Championship. Its going to be one of the bigger home games I have hosted with about 25 entries and about $1500 in prize pool. I am the money leader on tour, but will need to win this for the official title of 2006 OCPT Tour Championship. Mr. Speaker will be making a guest appearance with amateur status on the OCPT, and I almost have Smokkee in as well. Should be a blast.


At 11:07 AM, Blogger smokkee said...

BIG pots require...

BIG COJONES! grow sum


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