Monday, January 30, 2006

You Sank My Battleship!

Fullhouse over fullhouse is one of those situations where a lot of money is going into the middle. If you get all your money in on a boat and loose to a higher boat, it seems like that is just the way it goes sometimes in poker. Hopefully, these situations will even out in the long term. The question is, can I recognize that my boat may be beaten? Will my battleship get sunk? This is some real basic stuff here, but is often overlooked in the heat of battle. First off, the boat with the higher 3 of a kind always wins. You want the 3 of a kind side you have to be the highest available or the highest likely. If your boat has a small 3 of a kind, especially when you are using only one of your cards to get the three of a kind you could be in serious trouble. The hand below illustrates the problems you can have with a mini-boat.

FullTiltPoker Game #405852162: Table Camino Entrada - $0.50/$1 - No Limit Hold'em - 15:09:25 ET - 2006/01/27
Seat 1: Ciceronian ($77.50)
Seat 2: Blinders ($92)
Seat 3: Lisaluck ($83.80)
Seat 4: The_Headlina ($96.25)
Seat 5: JO-L77 ($46.75)
Seat 6: Ifeel4ya ($72.50)
Seat 7: amanda leigh ($56)
Seat 8: Jrum ($21.30)
Seat 9: 15outs ($38.70)
15outs posts the small blind of $0.50
Ciceronian is sitting out
Blinders posts the big blind of $1
The button is in seat #8
*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to Blinders [6d 2c]

The mini-hammer, sweet, plus a free look

Lisaluck folds
The_Headlina folds
Ciceronian stands up
JO-L77 calls $1
Ifeel4ya foldsamanda leigh folds
Jrum folds15outs calls $0.50
Blinders checks*** FLOP *** [2d 2s 7c]

wow, good flop for me, even better for the hammer. I decide for an ill advised slowplay, although I probably would not be able to bet the guy off this flop.

15outs checks
Blinders checks
JO-L77 checks

*** TURN *** [2d 2s 7c] [3d]

Turn looks ok, I must still be in the lead. I make a small bet to see if anyone has a piece.

15outs checks
Blinders bets $1
JO-L77 calls $1
15outs folds

**! * RIVER *** [2d 2s 7c 3d] [6s]

There is my boat, and I have to think I am in the lead here, but this is definitely a mini-boat. I have the smallest possible 3 of a kind. I lose to any set (77, 33, 66) or the hammer 72. Lets start building a pot.

Blinders bets $3
JO-L77 raises to $10

Wow, this guy finally thinks he has something. I got a free look from the BB, he has to be afraid I have a 2. What is he raising with here? I reraise him back.

Blinders raises to $22
JO-L77 raises to $40

Well he only has $4.75 left, and I am not laying my boat down. Might as well put him in for his last $4.

Blinders raises to $90, and is all in
JO-L77 calls $4.75, and is all in
Uncalled bet of $45.25 returned to Blinders
*** SHOW DOWN ***
Blinders shows [6d 2c] (a full house, Twos full of Sixes)
JO-L77 shows [3c 3s] (a full house, Threes full of Twos)
JO-L77 wins the pot ($91.50) with a full house, Threes full of Twos
*** SUMMARY ***Total pot $94.50 Rake $3Board: [2d 2s 7c 3d 6s]
Seat 2: Blinders (big blind) showed [6d 2c] and lost with a full house, Twos full of Sixes
Seat 5: JO-L77 showed [3c 3s] and won ($91.50) with a full house, Threes full of Twos

Yes, he had the bigger boat. Not sure if I could have played this differently considering this guy was a little short. I could have just called the reraise to $10 on the river, but not likely. Probably should have only called at the end and saved me the $4.75. Basically when the 6 hit on the river I figured I was good, but did not look at how exposed I was. Take your time, even when you have a boat, especially if you have a mini-boat.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Up $19.50 at $1/$2 NL!

I am up, up, up, up, up, up at 1/2 nl! I kick mondo ass! I played a single 1/2 table for about 4 orbits and won $19.50! It all happened on this historic day.

I raise to $7 UTG with AQo and get no callers

I raise it to $9 with QQ from the button with 2 limpers, everyone folds

I raise to $7 UTG with KQo and a MP and the SB calls. Flop comes KT2 rainbow. SB bets $10, I reraise to $20, MP folds, and SB just calls. Turn is a blank, SB checks, I bet $25, SB calls. River is an A, SB checks, I check, and SB shows KQ for a big split pot. At least I was the aggressor here, but not sure If I can get him to fold.
mini cha-ching (deadmoney-rake/2)

I limp with 8c9c from LP, 4 callers. Flop is T86 rainbow. Checks to me, and I bet 5 into $11 pot with a pair, a gutshot, and a runner runner flush (about 11 outs). Only short stack at the table calls. Turn is a T, check to me, I bet $10, call. River is a 7 giving me the straight, check to me, I bet $12 and get called, muck.

At this point my session was almost over, so I unchecked the auto-post, and booked a $19.50 win. I know it is not much, but it is a first step. I think I played my A game at the higher level while getting some decent cards. I plan on playing some more tonight.

Time To Move Up

I have promised myself for a while that I would take my next shot at 1/2 NL at DoylesRoom when I cleared my bonus. Well, I hit 55k in Action Points yesterday, which clears the way for my $550 sign up bonus. Or so I thought. The bonus money did not come automatically, so I chatted support today. It turns out you need 200pts/1$ to clear the "super bonus" that I signed up for. The other smaller bonuses require 100pts/1$ and I would have cleared that weeks ago. It would have been nice if the bonus rules were published anywhere, but like the Tournament rules Doyle evidently likes to keep things close to the vest. If you read this Doyle, please stop hiding this valuable information. It sucks for your customers.

Anyway, I can't wait to clear the bonus anymore if it is going to take 110,000 Action Points. Its time to move up. This is my plan.

1) Start off slow
Only play one or two tables at a time, with the others .50/1

2) Buy-in light
I know your thinking WTF, I think I will stop reading this BS right now, but hear me out. I have been killed in the past at this level with some huge losses on big hands. I want to be able to be aggressive, yet not have to throw $200 around everytime I am played back at. I got pushed around a little last week in Vegas when I was not willing to pull the trigger for a full $200 on a borderline call. I plan on buying in for $120. This will keep me above the psychological $100 level while I am waiting for my first win, plus you can still win a pretty big pot. When I build my stack up I can get used to playing with a bigger stack, and the whole time I will be getting used to the higher limits. BTW, I always buy-in for the full amount at .50/1, and plan on doing the same at 1/2 shortly.

3) Play only at DoylesRoom
I have been crushed on Fulltilt and PokerStars at this level. I need to build up my confidence at DoylesRoom before bringing my game to the other sites. Also the competition is way weaker at DoylesRoom.

4) Use good table selection
If I am going to buy-in light, I do not want to be at a table of all big stacks. DoylesRoom does not provide table stats, so I will need to carefully select the looser tables with lots of short stacks.

5) Stay positive
Book some wins and hang in there. This move is inevitable and you can do this. Don't let the natural variance bother you.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Friday Night at the Monte Carlo

Went out to Vegas Friday morning for a follow up on my wrist. Got into town about 10:30am and had a couple of hours to kill before my appointment, so we went to slots-a-fun for a little blackjack warm up. Played $3 BJ for over an hour on a $20 buy-in, and after going up and down, I walked down $16. I took my $4 left to roulette, and was going to bet it on red, when TA reminded me it was Friday the 13th. I looked and saw that 13 was black, and put my $4 on black, with TA $3 on odd to cover both bases. The ball came down on the divider between 13 and the next number, but bounced and landed next door for an even red number. We split and go to my appointment. Appointment is over by 1pm so we head to the Monte Carlo.

We check in to the Monte Carlo at 1:30, and get a room on the 27th floor with a good view of the strip. I got the room on the internet for $69 which is not bad for a Friday night in Vegas. I get some coupons on check in, and we go down to the brew pub for lunch, and to get the free drink. We then head over to the MGM Grand for 1/2 nl. My plan is to rally up a bankroll at 1/2 then move up to the 2/5 nl.

I sit down after a 10 min wait to what appears to be a pretty tough table. After an orbit, I pick up JJ, and raise to $10 preflop. The BB and a limper call. Flop comes 566, and I bet $15, and get reraised to $45 total by the BB, limper folds. I go into the tank for a minute. This is really a raise or fold situation. I just call. Turn is a 6, and the other guy bets $80. ok, I have the boat, and could easily be in the lead. Its all-in or nothing, but I do not want to risk the whole $200 here. I think for a minute, but don't really put the guy on a narrow range like I should have. I fold. In hindsight the guy has to have a pair QQ to 77 or is bluffing. I beat all but one of those. I should have pushed in. I get QQ raise to $10 preflop, and get 2 callers. Flop come Axx, I bet $20, get reraised to $60 and fold. I get JJ, raise to $10 preflop, get 2 callers. Flop comes 678. I bet $20, and get 1 caller. Turn is a K. Check to me and I check. River is a blank, check to me. I am certain I am in the lead here, and bet $25. I get called by AK and lose. Wow? I decide the table is too good, and decide to walk, down $150. I don't seem to be ready mentally for the $200 buy-in. I will buy-in for $100 going forward so I will be more willing to push it in.

We decide to play next at the Monte Carlo. We get on the 1/2 nl list, but play some 2/4 limit while waiting. I drop about $12, TA wins $85, and we are moved to the same nl table. The first hand, I limp with 94o in the BB, and the flop comes 744. I check and UTG bets $20. Folds to me, and I stall and call. Turn brings a blank, and I check again. UTG says all-in, and I call. UTG shows a 7 for 2-pair, and I double-up to $200 on my first hand. I call a preflop raise with 99, and a Qxx flop checks around on the flop. UTG bet $15 at a blank on the turn and I call. Another blank on the river, and UTG checks. I bet $20, get called by second pair, but smaller than my 99. I win a few other pots here and there, and walk up $220.

We go back for one last session at the Monte Carlo, Friday night. By now we had beed drinking most of the day, and I was probably a little gone to be playing my A game. We played for an uneventful hour and a half, and I won another $50. To this point I have not seen AA, KK, or AK, and have lost everytime with QQ and JJ. The lack of cards has given me a rock image, but I still have been able to take down some big pots.

The next morning we play one last session at the Monte Carlo before hitting the $50 buy-in tourney at the Imperial Palace. I limp with KQ and five others see the flop. Flop comes J93, and they check to me. I bet $8 on a semibluff, and get called by 3. Turn brings a Q, and I bet $20 and get called by 2. River is a low card. They check to me, I bet $20. No callers and I win a $100+ pot. I get KQ again. This time I call a raise to $7 from late position. Flop comes KQ7. A guy bets $5, girl raises to $15, I raise to $50. Initial guy would have called the $15, but not $50. Girl folds, I win. We rush out to hit the IP, I am up another $50.

We are running late, and miss the exit for the Imperial Palace. By the time we double back and find the poker room, the tourney is starting. We can get in as the 23rd alternate, but the structure does not look good (too few chips, too quick blinds). I bet $44 on the Seahawks -9.5, and buy-in to some 1/2 limit. Play until halftime, and I am up $15. I dont like how the first half went, so I take the redskins in the second half, eliminating 1/2 of my $44 bet. We eat lunch and then play another session at IP. I lose $5 this time after being up about $25 and the losing with a J8 to A8 with 2 8s on the board. The Seahawks win by 10, and I win $20 there. I will not see a AA, KK or AK the whole trip. I also lost with QQ and JJ evertime I had them. I am amazed that I have won what I did.

We head to the Gold Coast so that TA can see his mom before we split back to the OC. I buy in for $100 at a $3 craps table. The first shooter goes on a run and I am up $90 right away. I give a little back, and lose $16 on my own roll, but walk away up $63. We head back home at 6:30 pm Saturday night.


Blackjack -16
Roulette -4
Craps +63
Holdem +180

Total +243

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Monthly Home Tourney

Last night was the monthly home tournament. It is $10+ rebuys/add-on NL Holdem. You get $100 in chips per buy-in/rebuy and $150 in chips for a $10 add-on. We started 10 handed waiting for the rest of the crew to arrive. I double bought for $20 and got involved in the first three or four hands on draws, that did not pan out. This ran my stack down to around $150. Eight more people show, and we break to two tables right before the end of the first level.

I am at a pretty wild table, with Chris from over the back wall sitting where I least want him (on my left). I am forced to sit back and wait for some cards that never seem to come. I bluff at a few small pots, after limping from the blinds, and call down an all-in from a shorty with AJ to run my stack to about $225 at the break. I take the add on for $375 total after the break. Total prize pool is $620 with payouts like this: $250/$150/$100/$75/$45.

I remain card dead after the first break until the final table forms with the last 9. I pick up AK a few times and steal the blinds, but am basically treading water, and am by far the least active at the table. Gary drops out bursting the bubble, and Ryan is severely short stacked in 5th place. I wait an orbit, and everyone folds to me in the SB. Ryan is already all-in for $125 in the BB so I call the extra $75 with 870. I flop an 8 and eliminate Ryan who had J4.

OK, I am in 4th right now, and really have not seen any cards all night. Blinds are 50/100, and I get blinded down to about $280. UTG folds to me, and I have QJs. I figure, I will need to be All-In in the BB in 2 hands, so I push all-in with. Tom calls me with 22, I flop a Q for a double up. An orbit later, I am at about $450 when I get A9s UTG and push in. Tom calls with Q9o. No Qs show, and I honestly think I have won the pot, but someone points out a KJT on the board for a straight, and I am eliminated.

Overall, I think I played it well. No cards, and a decent cash. When the last of my money went in I was in a dominating position, but got sucked out on hard. Three in a row now, but who is counting. If I win that hand, I have about $1000 in chips and would be close to the lead, ready to exploit a squeaky tight image. Oh well there is always next month. Congrats to Steve (lopinator) who took down the win, and $250. Steve has been on quite a run lately.

I am heading to Vegas tomorrow for a follow up on my wrist. Staying at the Monte Carlo, and plan on playing the 1/2, 3/5 nl at the MGM grand Friday night and all day Saturday. Wish me and TA luck.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

How Not To Play QQ Preflop

QQ is one of those tough hands to play preflop. I will try to show an example of how not to play it, and also illustrate how easy it is to get off your game during a session and make some Donkeesque moves. First of all, you have to raise preflop with QQ. This is not the type of hand you go for the limp raise with. If you are first in, raise 3-5x the BB. Taking it down right there is not a bad thing. There are many flops that will come up with a scary A or K. If you get several limpers before, raise even more (4x+1x per limper is a good rule of thumb) If someone raises before you, you need to reraise preflop to see where you are at. I like to min. reraise or slightly more with QQ. If your reraise gets reraised big, its probably time to fold your QQ preflop. If you can't fold this hand preflop it will be hard for you to be a profitable player. If you get reraised the minimum, you should probably call, but treat it like a middle pair and hope to flop a set, assuming you are up against AA or KK. If there is a decent opening raise, and a big reraise before you act, you should probably just fold. You should also take stack sizes into account when making these decisions. It is less likely that a short stack makes the second big raise preflop with AA or KK then a big stack, so you should be a little more willing to play your QQ to short stack action preflop.

I want to talk about the case where you open raise preflop with QQ, and get reraised. Below is a hand from yesterday. Warning, do not play it this way! I slipped and really screwed this one up, and could not figure out why. Take your time before committing all of your chips! Make sure every decision is the most correct one before acting!

FullTilt, .50/1 nl, 9 players
I get QQ in the middle
One limper
I raise to $5
Folds to SB who reraises to $9
Folds to me
Raiser has $45 more, I have $100 more
I think for about a second and decide this guy is short, and I should gamble
I go All- In
SB Calls
SB has KK
I get no help and lose a $108 pot
I am a Donkey

Wow, slow down and look at your options before acting. When your QQ open raise gets minimum reraised preflop you have several options.

1) FOLD: Ok this is a weak play, and not what I am recommending, but not a horrible option here. The min reraise indicates a high possibility that the other guy has a higher pair. The problem here is that the other guy could make this move with a medium pair or AK trying to find out where he is at, and you are possibly folding the best hand.

2) CALL: Not a bad option here. First, if you call you can intend to play it like a small to medium pocket pair and hope for a set. If no A or K shows, you can show some aggression on the flop. The problem here is you are not narrowing your opponents range of hands. This will have to be done post flop, and could get more expensive. You are getting over 4 for 1 on your money, and the implied odds are big if you hit your Q. You should use the standard rule of thumb for calling preflop raises with medium to small pocket pairs. "Do both I and the raiser have 10x the raise amount?"

3) Reraise the minimum: I really think this is the answer. If the guy comes back over me big, I can release the hand, being pretty certain he has AA or KK. If the guy just calls, he probably does not have AA or KK, and I can assume I am ahead if no A or K flops. Just a call indicates AK, JJ, TT or 99 I would say. If he folds, I win. If he reraises the minimum, I think you have to call, and play it like your QQ is behind. The problem here is you are paying for confirmation that the guy really has AA or KK when he kinda already said that. The advantage is the info is not that expensive.

4) Reraise pretty big: I would not recommend this unless the guy is short, and you have reason to believe he is bluffing. You may be pot committing yourself here, if you cant fold to an All-In reraise. I think you are just paying to high a price for the information here.

5) Reraise All-In: This is what I did, and it has to be the worst option here. If I reraise all-in, I get called by AA and KK for sure, AK possibly, but probably not pairs JJ and down. All of the hands I am beating here will likely fold, unless the other guy is a fish incapable of laying down a pocket pair preflop. With the prefop reraise you have to put the guy on AA to 99 or AK (smaller pairs for donks). So I am risking my stack (100x) to win 15x pot, but probably more than 1/2 the time I am wrong, and lose my stack, unless I suckout as a 4-1 dog. This is a -EV move big time. Don't do it!

Almost Never Slowplay a Monster

You probably have heard this one before. "Never Slowplay a Monster!" I was never fully in this camp before, but things may be changing. First of all, what is a monster? I will propose that a "monster" is a flopped hand that is so good, it is very unlikely that the turn or river will make it a second best hand. Qualifying hands would be a flopped straight flush, or quads. Top boat could also be considered a monster. A nut flush however is not a monster, as the board pairing can make it second best quick. A non-nut flush is in no way a monster. My thinking has always been when I flop a monster against a bunch of limpers is too slowplay it. I want these guys to catch up, and make a decent 2nd best hand, and I will then be able to get more money in later. I am not worried about my hand getting beat, so this is one of the true slowplaying opportunities. If I am heads up, or the pot was raised preflop, I am probably going to bet it, because that is what I would do with or without a hand. A hand from yesterday really shows how slowplaying a monster can be incorrect even against a bunch of limpers.

DoylesRoom, .50/1 nl, 9 players
I get QJs in the cutoff
Three limpers before me, I limp, BB checks, 5 see flop
Flop JJJ
I just flopped a monster and will be in position throughout
Check, Check, Check, Bet 4, I just call
I just make the call here, as I am hoping I will get callers behind me, and I dont want to scare away the better. I am also hoping an A will drop, giving a fish what looks like the nutz.
Fold, Fold, Fold.
Turn Q
other guy bets 8
Wow, I have a "yacht", a 4+2 boat. Great hand, it beats a "Doublewide", a 3+3 boat, but not a "Baby Royal", a K high straight flush. Webster are you reading this, cause I want credit.
I just call again
I figure lets just keep building the pot, and I will reraise the river. This guy is going to fire a third bullet right.
River Blank
I bet 8 (for value)
other guy calls, and I win a $42 pot
other guy started the hand with $82

What did the other guy have? I honestly did not even think about it during the hand which was a big mistake. This is how the hand should have been played.

DoylesRoom, .50/1 nl, 9 players
I get QJs in the cutoff
Three limpers before me, I limp, BB checks, 5 see flop
Flop JJJ I just flopped a monster and will be in position throughout
Check, Check, Check, Bet 4
I just flopped a monster. What does this guy have? AA, KK, QQ and AK are all not likely, as the pot was not raised preflop. JJ is not possible, and the flop is pretty scary for anything less then a pocket pair. This guy probably has a TT or a smaller pocket pair, AQ or possibly AT. If I just call, the guys behind are not going to come unless they have a medium to low pocket pair, but they checked so this is unlikely. Paint or an A to come is too scary for them to slowplay a pocket pair. So if they are not going to call, and this guy has a pocket pair, he thinks he is good now, and any big card to hit is going to scare him off. I need to reraise here and get the money in, while this guy thinks he is ahead. Plus this is a little deceptive as I am reraising the flop with quads.
I reraise to $10 total.
Other guy thinks. No raise preflop, so no AA, KK, QQ or AK. He probably does not make that move with quads. I have the nutz!
reraise all-in
I call
Board JJJQx
Blinders shows QJs for quad Jacks
Other guy shows TT for a fullhouse Jacks over Tens
Blinders wins $164 pot

As you can see, I screwed this hand up by not trying to put the other guy on a hand, and vise versa. Never slowplay a monster, or almost never I should say.

Monday, January 09, 2006

New Season Leader Baby

Played in the Newport Open on 1/4/06. I had wrist surgery that morning, and had just watched USC choke away the title game. I was on pain meds, and was using a dial up connection at the Step parents house, so I did not know what to expect. Lets just say for the record that getting cards in a tournament helps. I have been card dead in so many of these tournaments lately that it has taken heroic efforts just to get to the money. The poker gods had other ideas for me tonight.
The big pocket pairs came quick and often, and I built up a decent stack. Then I flop a set with my TT and eliminate Kirk when I get him all-in on the river. Then I flop two pair with AK, and T.D. cant fold his QQ for another addition to my stack. I go cold as the chip leader for about 15 minutes, then hit a set on the turn with 88 and get a big portion of Chris' stack who was in second at the time. It gets down to three way, and I have a small lead. I get Gene all-in with his AK vs. my TT, and the tens hold up. This gives me about a 4x chip lead over smokkee heads up. Smokkee has knocked me out of the last two tournys so I got to win this one. He was down to $600 at one point, but impressively rallied back to this point. Smokkee played a very passive heads up game that I was not expecting. He seems to be leaning back to tight-aggressive from maniac. I shove all-in with my first A, and smokkee folds. I go all-in with 88, smoke calls with AQ0, hits and doubles through to even with me. The railbirds actually start routing for this guy. I play more aggressive then him, and build back a decent lead. I limp with A90, smokkee reraises me and I push-in. Smokkee calls with J7s. I flop two pair and win the tournament.
I have now moved into the season lead through 4 events (1 first, and 2 thirds). Come and get me. Cards help.

Vegas Trip, 1st 24 hours

I went to Vegas between Chistmas and New Years. I had the family with me, and we were visiting my Step parents house, so I would have little time for gambling (the plan was to make some time).

Rolled into the Boulder Station at around 11PM Tuesday night. Got some gambling coupons at check-in, and I got permission to play for a couple hours, so down to the casino I go. They have a small poker room, but I wanted to use the Coupon so I find a $3 blackjack table with 1st base open. Its been a while since I have played blackjack, but come on, its an easy game.

I buy-in for $40, and bet $3 with my $5 table game match play Coupon. The dealer says I need to bet $5 with the coupon. I comply. Blackjack! I am up $15 on my first hand. I drop the bet to $3, blackjack again! Then I go on to win nearly every hand with blackjacks here and there to be up $50. I remember my old rule of walking from the table if I lose three hands in a row. That will be a good stop loss for me. It takes a while, but I manage to lose three hands in a row, and head over to the $2 Craps table up $33.

A few cold rollers, and this guy starts rolling 10 over and over again. I jump all over it, and push my bankroll to about $120 (up $80). Some more cold rollers, and I leave the table with $97 total. Well it's been two hours, and I am supposed to go back to the room, but I got to check out the poker room.

The poker room is packed at 2am on a Wed. morning. The jackpot is buldging, and everyone wants a piece. I have a coupon for $5 free with a $20 buy-in at $2/4 Limit. I figure, I will buy-in, play a couple of tight orbits and then cashout. I have to wait about 15 minutes. I get seated, at a typically wild 2/4 table. I pick up a couple of decent limit hands (AJs, AQs), raise preflop, and get no flop help, and have to lay them down. Then I get A6o on the button, with the whole table coming. I decide to call. SB reraises, I call. Flop comes AQT rainbow. I call the $2 flop bet figuring I got some pot odds. Another A drops on the turn, Guy bets, I call, SB raises, guy calls. Ok I know I am beat here, prolly twice, but it is limit, and I got some kicker protection. I call, SB bets out on river, guy calls, I call. SB has KJ for a flopped straight. Guy prolly had a good A, but did not show. I am a donkey. I am down $24 at the table and quit.

Next morning we head to the Step parents house. After a couple hours of boredom, its time to go to the local skate park with the kids for some exercise. I ride around for about 15 minutes, then get my board hung up on a 4' quarter pipe, stumble down, falling backwards. I land with my left hand beneath my body on the ramp, and my wrist is broken badly. Its off to the emergency room, and hand surgeons for the rest of the vacation. No more gambling for me just lots and lots of pain. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention it was my left wrist, and I am left handed. No more writing for me either, or doing all the two handed things we all take for granted. This blog was off to such a great start. Well I can still type with my righthand. So I will continue to post at a snails pace. I do have to go to Vegas for a follow up this Friday. Hopefully, I will have a better trip report from that one.