Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Playing AA post flop when you flop a monster

Ok now for the good stuff, my first hand analysis. This was a hand I played today that I am very proud of. I think I extracted every last penny I could get, but let me know if you think other wise.

.50/1 NL table at FullTilt. I have a full stack of around $100, and wake up to AA in the SB. Early position player raises to 6x and it folds to me. I put him on a medium to big pair or AK. Could be a small pair too, this is only .50/1. Anyway, I am not going to let him see the flop cheap with a small/medium pair so I pop it to 15x total. BB folds, initial raiser just calls. Ok now I have reduced his range to a big pair or AK most likely. Flop comes down A33 and I am licking my chops. I will be first to act on all streets. I rarely like to slowplay, but this was the perfect situation. I want this guy to think the A scared me, and I have something like KK or QQ. Clearly I had a big pair the way I played preflop, but I did not want this guy thinking I flopped the boat. I check and he checks behind me. Turn comes a 5 adding a flush draw to the board. Well I wanted him to bet, and he didn't so it's time to build a pot or end this. I bet $10 into a $30 pot. This looks like a "weak-lead", and hopefully He will think its time to steal. Well he pops me back for a min reraise of $10. Now I got some thinking to do. Do I reraise here, and if so how much? Do I just call, and if so what do I do on the river. I decided to just call to make my weak lead look like a steal and make this guy think what he has is good. I also planned on betting out on the river no matter what comes down. Why play it this way? For some reason people seem to be more willing to call an open on the river, then a re-reraise on the turn which looks way strong. I wanted this guy to think I was weak, but then got the courage to steal on the river for some reason. I call, river comes a Q with no flush. Pots about $70 right now, so time for another weak-lead. 1/3 of the pot worked last time so out comes a $25 bet from me. I am crossing my fingers hoping for him to push, but he just calls and shows the AK for 2 pair best kicker. I drag back a $120 pot thanks to my monster flop and tricky play. Could I have got more from him? I am not sure. I left him with about $40 after the hand.


At 10:23 AM, Blogger smokkee said...

he must have the Ace to min-raise your turn bet. if you min-reraise him another $20, he will make the call. he's also more committed to the pot and more likely to call a bigger river bet.

At 3:27 PM, Blogger taz_zilla said...

On his re-raise, I would definately re-raise the same amount hoping to amp him up, and either have him re-raise again or at a minimum get him more attached to the pot. Getting him to a point where he would call your all-in bet on the river would be the objective.


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