Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Vegas Report Part Duece

I was planning on trying to make the 11am tournament on Friday, but overslept and blew it off. I did manage to get lunch and get seated at a ½ NL game at the MGM by 12:30. Otis and Weak were already at a 2/5 NL table. Miami Don was not in the room yet. I had a pretty good session slowly building my $200 buy-in up to about $280. Then I flopped a low 2-pair from the Button in a 5-way limped pot. After it checked to me, I bet the pot, and lost all but one opponent. Turn brings a Ten (high card on board). Opponent checks, and I bet $25, and the other guy pushes for $79 more. There is no flush, and only one possible straight. I tank for a while, and decide to call. He had turned a higher 2-pair, and I lost. I think my call was a little donkey, but it was one of my few mistakes of the session. So now I am down $50, but I kept playing my game and built back up to $275. By then I had been playing for about 4 hours. Don was in the house and at the 2/5 NL table and others were arriving as well. Four hours straight poker for me is a lot. I will prolly never make poker my profession for this and other reasons. I wanted to take a break, vs. making the jump over to the 2/5 NL table that was a mix of half bloggers, half tourists. I decided to take a break, play some craps, grab a bite, and try to get back to the MGM around 8PM.

I headed to Casino Royal (where else on the strip for Craps). I had a real nice session there for about 1 ½ hours for a $75 profit. I also decided I liked their $1 chips, so I pocketed 100 of them (more on this later, maybe). I grabbed a quick bite at the food court next door, went back the room to get cleaned up, and back to the MGM.

It was about 8pm, and the bloggers were already there in force. I sat down for some more ½ NL, and had a rough, brief, session where all my bluffs were getting called down, but I was too stubborn to stop bluffing. I dropped about $50 and took a break heading for the sportsbook bar. I hung out at the bar for a while and found out the HORSE table was forming, so I grabbed my $5 chips from the other table and sat down. I play a pretty decent game of HORSE for some reason. I can’t really explain it. I am comfortable with Holdem, Razz and Omaha, but am pretty bad at all forms of Stud. I tend to just fold through the Stud portions unless I get some monster starting hand. Since we were not doing antes this approach would not be bad. At various times at the table were Ryan, EasyCure, F-Train, Zeem, Joe Speaker, GCox and others (I wish I knew everyone). On about the third hand of Omaha I got dealt Ah2h3dJd which looked pretty good to me. I was able to get the pot 6-way capped preflop. When I flopped 4 to the low, and a draw to the nut flush, I was some how able to get it capped again on the flop. I think we only lost one at this point. The turn completed my low, and with A23 my low was going to be Nuts no matter what the river brought. I also picked up my Diamond flush draw as well. I think we capped the turn as well, now 3-way. The river completed my Flush for the nuts low and high. I only got two bets in on the river and I won the high and split the low with Zeem in about a $250 pot, which is pretty crazy for 2/4 NL. After that, I got the wheel twice in a row in Razz (chopping with EasyCure once), and won a couple big hands in Stud with hidden rockets. I was screwing with F-Train a lot in Razz which felt great because he is such a good Razz player. The cards were helping though. Ended up playing until about 2:30 AM, and walked up $140 at HORSE.

At some point after midnight, Huge Junk arrived. He was absent from the spreadsheet, so I did not think he was going to show. He is one of my favorite bloggers, so I was very glad to see him, plus I might get a chance to play some BJ with the king before the trip was over. I ended up calling it a night around 3AM, so I could rest up for the blogger tourney.

In my next report:

Blogger Tournament
How to measure the size of your balls using clay disks only
Pimps and Hos at the IP bar
A late night BJ session with the king himself

Stay tuned


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