Monday, December 11, 2006

Vegas Report Part A

I wanted to scribble some stuff down before I forgot. Somethings are already forgotten thanks to the constant alcohol poisoning, but I shall try my best.

I was planning on sneaking out of work early Thursday to beat the traffic out to Vegas. There comes a point in time in the afternoon when every 5 minutes delay in leaving for Vegas adds, 30 minutes to your arrival time. I had one significant task to get resolved at work. It should have been pretty easy, but turned out to be a complete clusterfuck. I ended up splitting just before 4pm with the situation not fully resolved. oh well. It was a typical evening weekday drive to Vegas. I averaged about 30 MPH for the first two hours, and 85 MPH for the next 2.5 hours once the car got into the rarefied desert air.

I would roll into town a little after 8 PM, check-in, grab a bite, and head over to the IP just in time for Pauly's cocktail hour. Already at the bar were Pauly, Change100, Zeem, SoxLover, FallStaff, Weak Player, and Miami Don (OK there were more, but I ended up putting a few back that night so the memory is a little shaky). I talked a lot with zeem, and I really think he is a great guy. I guess I ripped on his cash game play a little last time in this blog, and he let me know about it. I met Miami Don as well. He is a cash game specialist, and is a big time sports better, so we have a lot in common. Later on, Otis, Iggy, and others would arrive. It was advertised that we would be playing $1 Craps at Casino Royal, but I could not pry anyone away from the Giesha Bar.

I was jonesing to gambool a bit, so I headed over to the Royal solo to get my fix. It was $3 craps, but still the cheapest craps game in town. I played for about an hour swinging up at first, and then down about $15 total at the end. More importantly, I got about 5 free Killians down, which was a nice change from the $5 corona's at the Geisha bar. I headed back to the IP, and sat down at the blogger Pia Gow table with Otis and others. It was $15 Pia Gow, and I had not played in years. It was a fun table, and I would get some good cards. After about an hour, it was pushing 3:30 in the AM, and I was up $45 at Pia Gow. Since I did plan on playing some poker at MGM the following day, I thought I would call it quits and get some rest (let the berating comments begin).

In my next report.

MGM NL Cash Games
Blogger mixed game table
Swinging positive at Craps
Friday night cocktail hour at the MGM
A surprise appearance by an unexpected blogger

Stay tuned.


At 8:35 PM, Blogger katitude said...

Good to meet you Blinders!

At 4:33 PM, Blogger Blinders said...

It was great meeting you to Kat, although we did meet briefly during the summer trip. I wish I could have spent more time talking with you, but Its hard to keep me focused on anything while in Vegas.


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