Monday, February 13, 2006

I Need To Learn How To Lay KK Down Preflop

I have never folded KK preflop. Never! My justification goes something like this. I can't laydown KK, and no one else can either. When my KK goes up against AA, I will lose big, but when my AA goes up against KK I will win big. The whole thing is a wash. I play this way, because I don't want to be bluffed of my KK preflop by a smaller pair or AK. I also try to get my money in preflop, so I wont get bluffed out of the pot if an A flops. I may need to rethink this.

I have folded QQ preflop many times. It seems like I am right nearly everytime and the other guy or guys have KK or AA. QQ is an easier laydown as there are two hands that can beat it preflop, and there are more scary flops then for KK. Over the last few days, I have pushed hard preflop with KK, and lost to AA. Both times, I really felt the guy had AA, but I don't fold KK preflop, so I pushed and lost. By the way, its not impossible for KK to beat AA, but it does not seem to happen for me. The last one I lost went something like this.

.50/1 nl DoylesRoom, 9 handed
UTG limps, and I raise to $5 with KK
Everyone folds to limper who reraises to $21

Holy shit. A limp raiser from UTG. That is my move with AA. This guy probably has it. He has me covered $100+ so the guys not a complete douchbag. I have seen shorties do this with any pair or AK, but this guy is not a shorty and neither am I. What type of a hand do you limp with UTG and reraise 21x to get heads up with the only preflop raiser, assuming that you know what your doing. AA or KK is about it. QQ is not really a limp raising hand, but slightly possible. KK is probably out as I have the only other two kings. So he has AA (highly likely) or KK/QQ (not very likely).

I reraise all-in
Limp raiser calls with AA
No help and I lose A $200 pot.

I think I could have made this laydown, and should have. I knew what he had, but wanted to see. Avoid that urge. Lay them down if your sure. It may help your bankroll. Having said all this, please don't limp raise bluff me at the tables. I will know what your doing.


At 2:07 PM, Blogger smokkee said...

I can't wait to limp raise bluff you.

At 7:54 PM, Blogger Cretinism said...

Blinders, Great blog and post. Look, I'm a relative noob in Hold'em terms, altho I'm reading heaps and rapidly improving my game, and doing well in highly competitive 'mates' games. But this is a weird post to read from you. You're obviously a hell of a player, but YOU KNEW you were done here and still didn't get away! In fact this would be the ONLY time I'D get away from Kings. The fact that he was UTG pretty much says it all. The fact that it's what you'd do in his position makes it even more 'amusing'! Keep up the great work tho mate, and I look forward to many more insightful posts down the track.

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