Wednesday, December 07, 2011

WPBT Still Alive and Kicking

The winter WPBT Blogger gathering is now in the books and the event is still going strong.  2010 was clearly the peak with thousands of extra cash added to the tournament by the now defunct FullTilt, and the now absent from the US market PokerStars.  FullTilt also picked up private room for Sundays football games covering all food expenses as well for 50+ bloggers (thanks to money they raided from player accounts, but let's not mention that!).  There would be no extra cash added or free rooms to watch football this year, but we still had the core crew of poker bloggers that have built up this gathering over the last 7 years, and that is more than enough.  I had a blast as usual, drank too much as usual, and ran semi deep in the WPBT event (25th) without cashing as usual.  I was on a serious heater at the NL holdem cash games the entire weekend which was a nice plus.  Live games in Vegas have been very good to me since Black Friday.  I would share more, but you know the saying "what happens in....".  For some reason, I can see this group still getting together long after anyone even remembers what got us together in the first place.  Most of us have long abandoned playing online poker, or even writing about poker at this point, thanks to our oppressive government's crackdown on individual liberty.