Thursday, January 12, 2006

Monthly Home Tourney

Last night was the monthly home tournament. It is $10+ rebuys/add-on NL Holdem. You get $100 in chips per buy-in/rebuy and $150 in chips for a $10 add-on. We started 10 handed waiting for the rest of the crew to arrive. I double bought for $20 and got involved in the first three or four hands on draws, that did not pan out. This ran my stack down to around $150. Eight more people show, and we break to two tables right before the end of the first level.

I am at a pretty wild table, with Chris from over the back wall sitting where I least want him (on my left). I am forced to sit back and wait for some cards that never seem to come. I bluff at a few small pots, after limping from the blinds, and call down an all-in from a shorty with AJ to run my stack to about $225 at the break. I take the add on for $375 total after the break. Total prize pool is $620 with payouts like this: $250/$150/$100/$75/$45.

I remain card dead after the first break until the final table forms with the last 9. I pick up AK a few times and steal the blinds, but am basically treading water, and am by far the least active at the table. Gary drops out bursting the bubble, and Ryan is severely short stacked in 5th place. I wait an orbit, and everyone folds to me in the SB. Ryan is already all-in for $125 in the BB so I call the extra $75 with 870. I flop an 8 and eliminate Ryan who had J4.

OK, I am in 4th right now, and really have not seen any cards all night. Blinds are 50/100, and I get blinded down to about $280. UTG folds to me, and I have QJs. I figure, I will need to be All-In in the BB in 2 hands, so I push all-in with. Tom calls me with 22, I flop a Q for a double up. An orbit later, I am at about $450 when I get A9s UTG and push in. Tom calls with Q9o. No Qs show, and I honestly think I have won the pot, but someone points out a KJT on the board for a straight, and I am eliminated.

Overall, I think I played it well. No cards, and a decent cash. When the last of my money went in I was in a dominating position, but got sucked out on hard. Three in a row now, but who is counting. If I win that hand, I have about $1000 in chips and would be close to the lead, ready to exploit a squeaky tight image. Oh well there is always next month. Congrats to Steve (lopinator) who took down the win, and $250. Steve has been on quite a run lately.

I am heading to Vegas tomorrow for a follow up on my wrist. Staying at the Monte Carlo, and plan on playing the 1/2, 3/5 nl at the MGM grand Friday night and all day Saturday. Wish me and TA luck.


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