Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Up $19.50 at $1/$2 NL!

I am up, up, up, up, up, up at 1/2 nl! I kick mondo ass! I played a single 1/2 table for about 4 orbits and won $19.50! It all happened on this historic day.

I raise to $7 UTG with AQo and get no callers

I raise it to $9 with QQ from the button with 2 limpers, everyone folds

I raise to $7 UTG with KQo and a MP and the SB calls. Flop comes KT2 rainbow. SB bets $10, I reraise to $20, MP folds, and SB just calls. Turn is a blank, SB checks, I bet $25, SB calls. River is an A, SB checks, I check, and SB shows KQ for a big split pot. At least I was the aggressor here, but not sure If I can get him to fold.
mini cha-ching (deadmoney-rake/2)

I limp with 8c9c from LP, 4 callers. Flop is T86 rainbow. Checks to me, and I bet 5 into $11 pot with a pair, a gutshot, and a runner runner flush (about 11 outs). Only short stack at the table calls. Turn is a T, check to me, I bet $10, call. River is a 7 giving me the straight, check to me, I bet $12 and get called, muck.

At this point my session was almost over, so I unchecked the auto-post, and booked a $19.50 win. I know it is not much, but it is a first step. I think I played my A game at the higher level while getting some decent cards. I plan on playing some more tonight.


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