Monday, January 16, 2006

Friday Night at the Monte Carlo

Went out to Vegas Friday morning for a follow up on my wrist. Got into town about 10:30am and had a couple of hours to kill before my appointment, so we went to slots-a-fun for a little blackjack warm up. Played $3 BJ for over an hour on a $20 buy-in, and after going up and down, I walked down $16. I took my $4 left to roulette, and was going to bet it on red, when TA reminded me it was Friday the 13th. I looked and saw that 13 was black, and put my $4 on black, with TA $3 on odd to cover both bases. The ball came down on the divider between 13 and the next number, but bounced and landed next door for an even red number. We split and go to my appointment. Appointment is over by 1pm so we head to the Monte Carlo.

We check in to the Monte Carlo at 1:30, and get a room on the 27th floor with a good view of the strip. I got the room on the internet for $69 which is not bad for a Friday night in Vegas. I get some coupons on check in, and we go down to the brew pub for lunch, and to get the free drink. We then head over to the MGM Grand for 1/2 nl. My plan is to rally up a bankroll at 1/2 then move up to the 2/5 nl.

I sit down after a 10 min wait to what appears to be a pretty tough table. After an orbit, I pick up JJ, and raise to $10 preflop. The BB and a limper call. Flop comes 566, and I bet $15, and get reraised to $45 total by the BB, limper folds. I go into the tank for a minute. This is really a raise or fold situation. I just call. Turn is a 6, and the other guy bets $80. ok, I have the boat, and could easily be in the lead. Its all-in or nothing, but I do not want to risk the whole $200 here. I think for a minute, but don't really put the guy on a narrow range like I should have. I fold. In hindsight the guy has to have a pair QQ to 77 or is bluffing. I beat all but one of those. I should have pushed in. I get QQ raise to $10 preflop, and get 2 callers. Flop come Axx, I bet $20, get reraised to $60 and fold. I get JJ, raise to $10 preflop, get 2 callers. Flop comes 678. I bet $20, and get 1 caller. Turn is a K. Check to me and I check. River is a blank, check to me. I am certain I am in the lead here, and bet $25. I get called by AK and lose. Wow? I decide the table is too good, and decide to walk, down $150. I don't seem to be ready mentally for the $200 buy-in. I will buy-in for $100 going forward so I will be more willing to push it in.

We decide to play next at the Monte Carlo. We get on the 1/2 nl list, but play some 2/4 limit while waiting. I drop about $12, TA wins $85, and we are moved to the same nl table. The first hand, I limp with 94o in the BB, and the flop comes 744. I check and UTG bets $20. Folds to me, and I stall and call. Turn brings a blank, and I check again. UTG says all-in, and I call. UTG shows a 7 for 2-pair, and I double-up to $200 on my first hand. I call a preflop raise with 99, and a Qxx flop checks around on the flop. UTG bet $15 at a blank on the turn and I call. Another blank on the river, and UTG checks. I bet $20, get called by second pair, but smaller than my 99. I win a few other pots here and there, and walk up $220.

We go back for one last session at the Monte Carlo, Friday night. By now we had beed drinking most of the day, and I was probably a little gone to be playing my A game. We played for an uneventful hour and a half, and I won another $50. To this point I have not seen AA, KK, or AK, and have lost everytime with QQ and JJ. The lack of cards has given me a rock image, but I still have been able to take down some big pots.

The next morning we play one last session at the Monte Carlo before hitting the $50 buy-in tourney at the Imperial Palace. I limp with KQ and five others see the flop. Flop comes J93, and they check to me. I bet $8 on a semibluff, and get called by 3. Turn brings a Q, and I bet $20 and get called by 2. River is a low card. They check to me, I bet $20. No callers and I win a $100+ pot. I get KQ again. This time I call a raise to $7 from late position. Flop comes KQ7. A guy bets $5, girl raises to $15, I raise to $50. Initial guy would have called the $15, but not $50. Girl folds, I win. We rush out to hit the IP, I am up another $50.

We are running late, and miss the exit for the Imperial Palace. By the time we double back and find the poker room, the tourney is starting. We can get in as the 23rd alternate, but the structure does not look good (too few chips, too quick blinds). I bet $44 on the Seahawks -9.5, and buy-in to some 1/2 limit. Play until halftime, and I am up $15. I dont like how the first half went, so I take the redskins in the second half, eliminating 1/2 of my $44 bet. We eat lunch and then play another session at IP. I lose $5 this time after being up about $25 and the losing with a J8 to A8 with 2 8s on the board. The Seahawks win by 10, and I win $20 there. I will not see a AA, KK or AK the whole trip. I also lost with QQ and JJ evertime I had them. I am amazed that I have won what I did.

We head to the Gold Coast so that TA can see his mom before we split back to the OC. I buy in for $100 at a $3 craps table. The first shooter goes on a run and I am up $90 right away. I give a little back, and lose $16 on my own roll, but walk away up $63. We head back home at 6:30 pm Saturday night.


Blackjack -16
Roulette -4
Craps +63
Holdem +180

Total +243


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