Monday, January 09, 2006

New Season Leader Baby

Played in the Newport Open on 1/4/06. I had wrist surgery that morning, and had just watched USC choke away the title game. I was on pain meds, and was using a dial up connection at the Step parents house, so I did not know what to expect. Lets just say for the record that getting cards in a tournament helps. I have been card dead in so many of these tournaments lately that it has taken heroic efforts just to get to the money. The poker gods had other ideas for me tonight.
The big pocket pairs came quick and often, and I built up a decent stack. Then I flop a set with my TT and eliminate Kirk when I get him all-in on the river. Then I flop two pair with AK, and T.D. cant fold his QQ for another addition to my stack. I go cold as the chip leader for about 15 minutes, then hit a set on the turn with 88 and get a big portion of Chris' stack who was in second at the time. It gets down to three way, and I have a small lead. I get Gene all-in with his AK vs. my TT, and the tens hold up. This gives me about a 4x chip lead over smokkee heads up. Smokkee has knocked me out of the last two tournys so I got to win this one. He was down to $600 at one point, but impressively rallied back to this point. Smokkee played a very passive heads up game that I was not expecting. He seems to be leaning back to tight-aggressive from maniac. I shove all-in with my first A, and smokkee folds. I go all-in with 88, smoke calls with AQ0, hits and doubles through to even with me. The railbirds actually start routing for this guy. I play more aggressive then him, and build back a decent lead. I limp with A90, smokkee reraises me and I push-in. Smokkee calls with J7s. I flop two pair and win the tournament.
I have now moved into the season lead through 4 events (1 first, and 2 thirds). Come and get me. Cards help.


At 9:52 AM, Blogger smokkee said...

I'll get you next time sucka.


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