Monday, January 09, 2006

Vegas Trip, 1st 24 hours

I went to Vegas between Chistmas and New Years. I had the family with me, and we were visiting my Step parents house, so I would have little time for gambling (the plan was to make some time).

Rolled into the Boulder Station at around 11PM Tuesday night. Got some gambling coupons at check-in, and I got permission to play for a couple hours, so down to the casino I go. They have a small poker room, but I wanted to use the Coupon so I find a $3 blackjack table with 1st base open. Its been a while since I have played blackjack, but come on, its an easy game.

I buy-in for $40, and bet $3 with my $5 table game match play Coupon. The dealer says I need to bet $5 with the coupon. I comply. Blackjack! I am up $15 on my first hand. I drop the bet to $3, blackjack again! Then I go on to win nearly every hand with blackjacks here and there to be up $50. I remember my old rule of walking from the table if I lose three hands in a row. That will be a good stop loss for me. It takes a while, but I manage to lose three hands in a row, and head over to the $2 Craps table up $33.

A few cold rollers, and this guy starts rolling 10 over and over again. I jump all over it, and push my bankroll to about $120 (up $80). Some more cold rollers, and I leave the table with $97 total. Well it's been two hours, and I am supposed to go back to the room, but I got to check out the poker room.

The poker room is packed at 2am on a Wed. morning. The jackpot is buldging, and everyone wants a piece. I have a coupon for $5 free with a $20 buy-in at $2/4 Limit. I figure, I will buy-in, play a couple of tight orbits and then cashout. I have to wait about 15 minutes. I get seated, at a typically wild 2/4 table. I pick up a couple of decent limit hands (AJs, AQs), raise preflop, and get no flop help, and have to lay them down. Then I get A6o on the button, with the whole table coming. I decide to call. SB reraises, I call. Flop comes AQT rainbow. I call the $2 flop bet figuring I got some pot odds. Another A drops on the turn, Guy bets, I call, SB raises, guy calls. Ok I know I am beat here, prolly twice, but it is limit, and I got some kicker protection. I call, SB bets out on river, guy calls, I call. SB has KJ for a flopped straight. Guy prolly had a good A, but did not show. I am a donkey. I am down $24 at the table and quit.

Next morning we head to the Step parents house. After a couple hours of boredom, its time to go to the local skate park with the kids for some exercise. I ride around for about 15 minutes, then get my board hung up on a 4' quarter pipe, stumble down, falling backwards. I land with my left hand beneath my body on the ramp, and my wrist is broken badly. Its off to the emergency room, and hand surgeons for the rest of the vacation. No more gambling for me just lots and lots of pain. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention it was my left wrist, and I am left handed. No more writing for me either, or doing all the two handed things we all take for granted. This blog was off to such a great start. Well I can still type with my righthand. So I will continue to post at a snails pace. I do have to go to Vegas for a follow up this Friday. Hopefully, I will have a better trip report from that one.


At 9:56 AM, Blogger smokkee said...

who the F plays $3 blackjack and $2 craps. did you check out the penny slots too?


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