Sunday, December 30, 2007

2007 Hoy Hater of the Year Acceptance Post

It is with great honor that I accept the award for top Hoy hater in 2007. While many others were deserving of the title, my body of work in 2007 speaks for itself, and makes me very proud. I know that my time is limited for these these things, so before you start flashing the red light at me or start playing the go to commercial music, I would like to take some time to breifly review each and every one of my Hoy hater posts this year that earned me this award. I will do this in chronological order, as it helps to see how the hatred builds throughout the year to an amazing climax that sets me apart from the many other haters out there.

2/9/2007 Yes Hoy, They Are Getting Tougher. No Hoy, This Is Not A Good Thing
What a way to start the year off by challenging Hoy on how tough the games are getting as a result of the UIGEA and Neteller pullout.

3/9/2007 Art vs. Science
In this gem, I don’t mention Hoy by name, but if you read between the lines knowing he is an MTT specialist, I am calling him out for being more of an artist than a scientist. Wow, that’s got to hurt. Let the hating begin.

4/17/07 Hoy Hot Hand Redux #1 – Whats the nuts?
In this first ever Hoy Hot Hand Redux, I question Hoy’s preflop call with TT. Questioning a players preflop play is equivalent to questioning their manlyhood. Can you feel the hate building here?

5/9/07 Time to Stop Dropping the Hammer?
Now I have gone and done it. I am questioning the value of playing Hoy’s favorite hand. Not only do I hate Hoy, but I also hate the hands he plays. A double dosage of hate from the #1 hater.

5/30/07 The Perfect BBT Starting Table
In this instant classic, I claim that Hoy would be part of my perfect BBT starting table. This also implies I could get his chips and the others mentioned in the post pretty easy. He knows he is a better MTT player than me, so this one hurt him bad.

7/19/07 The Expectation Value of a Resteal
In this one, I used actual math to pick apart the first example in Hoy’s wonderful manifesto on restealing, by showing how it was actually a –EV move he was describing. I then went on to suggest in a follow-up post, that plain old stealing is a much better move at this point in an MTT. Once again using actual math to prove my point.

8/22/07 Priced in for a Hoy Rant
Here I analize a hand where I was bullying the table in a bloggament and raised into Hoy late with A6o. When he pushed all-in back with an M of 4 (he was BB and had 8% of his stack committed), I called claiming to be priced in based on his range. Of course, Hoy claimed that his range was only a big pair or big ace. My hatred for him had me questioning that claim.

8/30/07 Why your Hourly Rate Matters
In this manifesto on how poker players should be judged, I never mention Hoy by name. But, since we all know that he does not beleive that keeping records or that hourly win rates are important at all to a poker player, you can see how this was clearly directed at Hoy. It was quite a slap in the face I would imagine.

9/4/07 The Indifference Point
To get some closure on the priced in for a Hoy rant post, I used game theory to actually deduce Hoy’s optimal pushing range, as well as my optimal calling range. What Game Theory shows is that Hoy’s “optimal” pushing range was way wider than he claimed, and that my raise/call play was highly +EV. Check mate sir, the hater wins this one!

9/20/07 When it is Correct to Play Optimally
Here I challenge Hoy’s assertion that Game Theory is useless at the poker table, by claiming that it can actually be used in a limited way. God, that has got to hurt him bad. Can you feel the hatred build here with every single one of these. It’s a wonder that Hoy can still read this hate filled garbage.

10/8/07 Hoy Hot Hand Redux #2 – Preflop Actions
Here I question Hoy’s smooth call of a re-reraise from out of position with QJs in the early stages of a big MTT. I feel he should have folded. Again my hatred has led to a difference of opinion with the MTT master. Then, very out of character for me, I defend Hoy’s post flop actions in a follow-up post (Hoy was questioning his actions here a bit). But, to make me feel a bit better, I actually defend ol’little dicks post flop play, which Hoy thought was horrible.

10/20/07 Hoy Pwnership Thyme
In easily my most hate filled post of the year, I add Hoy to the term “Pwnership Thyme” that he had coined earlier in the same tourney to describe what it feels like to sucker Hoy into pushing into my rockets on the river. The loss crippled him. I figured this post would help make him feel a bit worse.

10/21/07 Bodonkey win, and no I am not Hoy
After taking down the bodonkey disguised as “What’s the Nutz”, everyone in the MTT thought that I was in fact Hoy. Since I hate Hoy, and know that this would bother him to no end, I captured the chat to prove this actually happened. To add insult to injury, I also left in the part where they thought I was Wawfuls, implying not only is my play indistinguishable from Hoy’s, but so is Wawfuls. If it was ever in doubt, this post would cinch the title of top Hoy hater for 2007.

11/27/07 The New & Expanded Definition of Lucksacery
I never mention Hoy by name here, but this post was entirely inspired by Hoy calling me out as a complete lucksac in the first hour of the MATH rebuy where I would finish third. Now he did not call me out by name in his post either, so it is kind of a compliment to use his same techniques, but this lengthy post clearly shows my hatred for him, as I actually claim that I was using skill, and was not really “lucky” at all. This is complete disagreement from what he said in his post, so my contempt for him is clear.

Its amazing that I found the time for such hatred throughout the year, concidering I barely have time for poker anymore, but hatred for Hoy makes me feel so good about myself that it is worth it. I would also like to also mention all of my hate filled comments on other peoples blogs, but I can't actually remember any. If I dropped a good hoy hater comment on your blog, please paste it into the comments here, so I can proplery acknowledge your help in inspiring addional Hoy hatred, which helped me win the award.

Lastly, I would like to mention my most hateful comment on a Hoy post for 2007. It is from just a few days ago. Hoy was describing how badly he played in the recent 1k, and this comment below completely agrees with his assessment. A non-hater would have come to his defense, and said that he played the hand perfectly, but not me.

If somebody opens first or reraises my TT, I am calling with set mining odds or reraising for information, or even folding if the odds are not there. Information just gets more expensive as the hand progresses. Since you did not get it preflop, you need to assume you are behind on that flop. If you honestly think you are ahead, you need to re-raise the flop and find out. Calling and hoping for an A or K on the turn to help you to fold is silly. Having just called the flop, and with the guy pushing the turn, you will not be able to get any info through betting now, and simply must fold. You know all this. Another huge factor is how early this is. Not a ton of naked AKs are going to push-in unimproved on the turn this early in a $1000 buy-in, as that is a total donk move. His betting pattern was entirely consistent with AA-JJ. This hand seems so straightforward that I find it difficult to understand the line you took. Just shake it off I guess, but question how you managed to misplay (three times) a pretty standard situation in an important MTT.

To finish, I feel a bit bad that I was not able to return the favor and provide Hoy with an award for 2007. So to make up for this, I would like to nominate Hoy for the "2007 Loves to Dish it Out, but Apparently Can't Take it Award". I don't see how he could possibly not win this one.

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At 9:36 AM, Blogger Mike Maloney said...

Now that is an outstanding post. Hilarious for all the right reasons.

At 9:57 AM, Blogger Chad C said...

This is why I like your blog, you really put a lot of time into that :)

At 12:55 PM, Blogger smokkee said...

apparently, i was oblivious to all the hate between you clowns. both were fun to read.

btw if someone built a castle out of empty milwaukee's best beer cans, Chad would call it a masterpiece.

At 2:25 PM, Blogger RaisingCayne said...

Love it Blinders! Nice look back at the 'Year in Hoy Hatred.' I appreciated being able to see all the fine examples all laid out in one place!

Happy New Year!!!

At 10:33 AM, Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

How could you put so much time into actually looking up all your old posts about me man? That's more time than I spend on my own blog posts!

Wow you love me, you really really love me.

Here's to lots more hating in '08 big man.

At 10:42 AM, Blogger Blinders said...

I put these up, because your Hoy Hater post was laughable. I figured I would let what I wrote speak for itself, and it does. I get way more comments that disagree with me, and inspire more posts that disagree with me than you, because I usually only post about stuff that I beleive in, but figure most others would not agree with. That I think makes for some interesting reading. When I inspire someone to do a counter post, I am flattered if anything becuase I got people thinking outside the box.

I will try not to disagree with you so much in 2008, but I just can't seem to hold back sometimes when you are clearly wrong in your opinions.

At 1:21 PM, Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Please don't try not to disagree with me so much in 2008 man. I always look forward to hearing your opinions on anything related to me or otherwise and yours is one of the few blogs I really look forward to whenever a new post is served up and ready. Even if I "can't take it in" so well.

At 1:23 PM, Blogger The Decider said...

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At 8:47 PM, Blogger PokahDave said...

God this stuff is funny.....

At 6:49 AM, Blogger Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Your funniest post to date. Great stuff!


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