Sunday, December 30, 2007

Lifesagrind Wins BFFB TOC, Jek187 Takes Down Overall Title

Lifesagrind got his seat in the Blogger Fantasy Football Battle Tournament of Champions by winning the first ever BFFB event. Tonight he used that seat to win the first ever TOC by putting up an impressive 137.7 score in a tough week 17. Congratulations to Lifesagrind for his achievement.

Jek187 has been in the overall lead in the BFFB most of the way. He is one of the best players at Fantasy Sports Live and it showed with his very consistent results. Congratulations as well to Jek187, the over all champion in the inaugural Blogger Fantasy Football Battle.

Complete results are shown below, as well as all of the added prizes. $611 in free cash overall was added to the bonus prize pools by FSL. If you won an added prize, your FSL account will be credited on the 1st. I want to thank everyone who participated and made the first ever BFFB a huge success. We will be doing another one next year, and hope to make it bigger and better. I recently came up with a work around that should allow us to run legal open ended (unlimited entry) fantasy contests in the near future. If the legality of the work around holds up, we should be able to put all entries in a single BFFB contest next year which would be a nice improvement. We will also have private contest functionality with passwords soon as well. If you guys have any other ideas to improve next years BFFB let me know. Fantasy Football season is not over at FSL as we will continue to run fantasy contests on Saturday and Sunday throughout the NFL playoffs.

I was hoping to get all 10 qualified bloggers in the same TOC contest, but we had a non qualified entry that forced an additional contest. I filled up the extra heads-up contest so that lifesagrind could get his scores counted. The TOC results for the qualified entries is shown below.

BFFB TOC Results.

1st lifesagrind 137.7 ($150)
2nd jmathewson_III 115.1 ($75)
3rd Miami Don 113.6 ($50)
4th ChipperSports107.1 ($25)
5th Jek187 105.4 ($15)
6th Zeem 103
7th bonds 101.7
8th love_elf 96.4
9th Schuabs 71.3

Highest Weekly Scores in the BFFB

1 Jek187 186.9 (Week 2) $100
2 Schaubs 172.1 (Week 11) $50
3 ChipperSports 163.7 (Week 7) $25

Final Overall BFFB Standings (all who earned points are shown)

jek187 705.65 ($100)
Blinders 570.37
bonds 553.67 ($50)
jmathewson_III 537.60 ($25)
ChipperSports 490.02
ebk03001 475.32
HermWarfare 412.43
bayne_s 407.62
love_elf 392.07
Miami Don 387.18
Joe Speaker 314.56
Zeem 307.45
Big Pirate 288.48
DonkeyPuncher 278.85
Bobby Bracelet 256.43
Alpo_Splatr 250.87
Schuabs 238.65
lifesagrind 231.51
23skidoo 205.17
Otis 200.32
Chewbot 192.32
Chico's Bail Bonds 180.58
wxmanko 160.54
Madden 158.49
scurvydog 155.03
LTLover 142.72
mclarich 132.43
Bad Ass Mofo 131.31
Smokkee 117.77
Instant Tragedy 113.78
Dr. Pauly 111.78
Canable 111.52
Mcguyver 108.28
pwnage1 71.09
DrizzDJ 65.98
StB 61.95
Metaltoad 61.26
Digger 60.32
Family Guy 59.48
funnyshoes 50.07
meansdude 45.85
wwonka 42.65
PokahDave 39.65
Bill Belicheat 38.00 34.34
Flick 31.50
BG 31.15
Lounge9 30.71
TripJax 29.92
shnikies 29.43
Mookie 28.44

Week 17 BFFB Results

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At 11:05 PM, Blogger Lifesagrind said...

Thanks for hosting a kick ass series!

I'll proudly carry the title for the year.

At 2:25 AM, Blogger on_thg said...

Yeah, thanks for doing this. It was a lot of fun.

At 5:03 AM, Blogger jmathewson_III said...

Thanks for organizing and donating Blinders. I had a blast and made some $ in the process. I look foward to next years BFFB.

At 6:38 AM, Blogger Chipper (Dave) said...

This was a great first year for FSL and the BFFB competition. I look forward to doing this again next season! Thanks!

At 8:25 AM, Blogger Schaubs said...

Lots of fun I agree.

Now everyone should give NHL a try!

At 12:19 PM, Blogger Schaubs said...

I'd like to see an FSL Blogger leaderboard within the website. I would also like to see stats, such as win/loss record (not just the overall leaderboard) and other info.... like top Canadian etc.

You know, important stuff.


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