Tuesday, December 25, 2007

wxmanko Wins Week 16 of BFFB. TOC This Sunday

wxmanko won week 16 of the Blogger Fantasy Football Battle. The BFFB Tournament of Champions will be held this week. We will also have the regular weekly BFFB contest to determine the season winners, and weekly highest score winners. A huge score in week 17 could still get you the $100 bonus for highest weekly score. Results are shown below:

For the Tournament of Champions, it will go up in the lobby on Wednesday, and will be a $5 entry fee. There will be a single announced prize of $5 for the winner. This is to discourage non-qualifiers from entering. Currently, we will be adding $243 to the prize pool plus $5 for each entry (less the $5 winner payment), plus any prizes Blinders wins in week 17. Anyone who enters who is not qualified will not be eligible for any of the added prizes. Alpo_Splatr & wxmanko please reply with a link to your blog, if you want to be eligible. The BFFB added prizes are only for bloggers. Added prizes will be as follows:

$150 First Place
$75 Second Place
$50 Third Place
$25 for each following place limited by added prizes

Top of the BFFB Leaderboard (added prizes shown if it was over now)
jek187 705.65 ($100)
Blinders 539.66
bonds 500.47 ($50)
jmathewson_III 494.16 ($25)
ChipperSports 490.02
ebk03001 446.89
HermWarfare 412.43
bayne_s 407.62
love_elf 392.07
Miami Don 387.18
Joe Speaker 314.56
Zeem 307.45
Big Pirate 288.48
DonkeyPuncher 278.85
Bobby Bracelet 256.43
Alpo_Splatr 250.87
Schuabs 238.65
lifesagrind 231.51
23skidoo 205.17
Otis 200.32
Chewbot 192.32
Chico's Bail Bonds 180.58
Madden 158.49
scurvydog 155.03
LTLover 142.72
mclarich 132.43
Smokkee 117.77
Instant Tragedy 113.78
Dr. Pauly 111.78
Mcguyver 108.28

Qualified for Tournament of Champions
lifesagrind , Jek187 , love_elf , Mcguyver , jmathewson_III (2) , Zeem (2), ChipperSports (2), Bobby Bracelet, Miami Don, Schaubs, bonds, Alpo_Splatr?, wxmanko?

Blinders Deadmoney in TOC Pool So Far ($150 Min)

Top three fantasy scores of the season ($100/$50/$25 Bonus)
1 Jek187 186.9 (Week 2)
2 Schaubs 172.1 (Week 11)
3 ChipperSports 163.7 (Week 7)

BFFB Week 16 Results



At 8:33 AM, Blogger Instant Tragedy: Just Add Water said...

At least I beat Pauly (heh just kidding).

Best of luck in 2008 with FSL Blinders!



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