Monday, December 17, 2007

Vegas Trip Report Part Duece

A bunch of people want me to write my manifesto on weak/tight craps. It is coming, but I need to finish off my trip report before what little I remember is lost forever.

Friday I slept in, took care of some business, took a nap, and arrived at the MGM at around 6PM refreshed and ready for a big night. No bloggers to be found yet, so I signed up for a 1/2 NL table. I would flop a couple sets in the first few orbits and double my buy-in. Poker is so easy when you are catching cards. I tried to put my name in for the mixed games, but they did not have a list going yet so they just wrote down my name on paper.

At 7PM, the bloggers would arrive in force and I would watch two mixed tables form without them calling my name. I would get up and grab the last spot on table number two. I think I might have snagged this spot from somebody else, but tough, I was here first and they did not put me on the actual list.

We had Drizz, F-Train, Speaker, and other big names at the table. I would play for about an hour, winning at first, but eventually losing some big pots when my opponent made hands on the last card. Down $100 I would pack up and head for the blogger 1/2 NL table. Featured at the table were Otis, JJ, Miami Don, KOD, ScottMC, Zeem and more. We were all playing pretty well, but the tourists were getting it in bad a bunch against us and getting lucky. You get a much better feel for how people play live vs. online. I had not formed much of an opinion on ScottMC, but after playing live with him, I have much respect for his game. Chad as usual scares the crap out of me at the cash tables. He loves to insta-call c-bets which gives you no idea where you are at. I got into a bit of trouble when I had to fire a second $55 bullet into Chad to see where I was at. He smooth called it with a turned straight, and led out small on the river convincing me I was beat so I folded. Dropped $100 on that one hand, and other than that I would be breakeven at a very tough 1/2 NL table over several hours. At around 3AM, I would grab Shaubs and Jordan and we would head back to the IP.

One thing I should have made as a rule was "Stay away from the IP craps tables". When I got back to the IP Iggy, LJ and others were there. Iggy was going to play craps, so I almost had to. $10 a roll plus a mega cold table and I drop $95 in about 10 minutes. Rallied a few dollars back at $15 Paigow, but I prolly should have quit gambooling while even for the night. The $95 I lost at $10 IP craps would amount to 80% of what I lost gambling for the trip. Oh well.

Friday Night
1/2 NL at MGM +$100
Mixed Games at MGM -$100
IP $10 craps -$95
IP $15 Paigow $+30

Total for night -$65



At 6:49 AM, Blogger Drizztdj said...

Pai Gow is all about the bonus bet. Great seeing you again!!


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