Monday, December 17, 2007

ebk03001 rallys past RTrizzle in final week to win Sunday's With Dr. Pauly Series

ebk03001 put up a score of 120.4 which was enough to slip past RTrizzle for 1st place overall in the 1st annual Sunday's with Dr. Pauly on The Tournament of Champions will be held this week for those who got a three win streak vs. Pauly during the season. For the TOC, FSL will be adding $150 to the prize pool. The TOC will go up in the lobby on Wednesday and will have $5 entry fee and no announced prizes in the lobby. The prizes will be $100 for first, $50 for second, and we will also pay $25 for third/forth/fifth... from the $5 entry fees (based on the number of entries). You must be qualified for the TOC to receive any of the prizes. If someone who is not qualified enters, they will just forfeit their $5 into the TOC prize pool with no chance of winning. We will send out an email to all qualifiers shortly with instructions. Final results for the season and season prizes are shown below. TOC qualifiers are shown as well. Thanks for everyone who participated in Sunday's with Dr. Pauly, good luck in the TOC, and see you next year.

Final Sunday's With Dr. Pauly Standings (Prize)

1st ebk03001 1286 ($100 cash + $50 added to FSL account)
2nd RTrizzle 1262.3 (Any football themed DVD)
3rd jek187 1236.7 (Blind Side by Michael Lewis)
4th Expensive Wino 1235.8 (Phone call from Daddy)
5th bayne_s 1219
6th bonds 1166.6
7th Dr. Pauly 1165.6
8th HermWarfare 1125.1
9th BigHeeb91 1120.6
10th Big Pirate 1115.7
Proehl 1071.2
Chewbot 1051.4
Pokerpeaker 1028.6
Mark 1026.9
Betty Underground 1026.9
jakehead 1019.1
Mattazuma 969.3
KenB525 954.8
change100 950.3
DrizzDJ 945.4
Zeem 936.6
Bobby Bracelet 878.2
DonkeyPuncher 787.4
23skidoo 662
PokahDave 633.2
VinNay 628.5
Garthmeister J. 619.4
johnnieb 613.8
Party Matt 602.6
Alpo_Splatr 590.3
mush237 525.1
belly2bar 524.7
Mookie 491.7
Troyinator69 486.5
scurvydog 424.5
Joe Speaker 408.3
Jevanstar 403.8
Lounge9 324.9
Chico's Bail Bonds 319.1
LTLover 312.2
Victory 278.9
Dart Thrower 253.4
Madden 252.8
Bill Belicheat 245.4
Bad Ass Mofo 238.5
Family Guy 232.2
dnord 222.9
GCox25 205.5
McGuyver 195.4
Digger 173.5
Otis 169.8
Al Can't Hang 164.4
Miami Don 151
Smokkee 140.2
Hunter 137.6
tynez 136.4
SCUM 127.5
iemblock 122.8
RJ 121.6
Jack D 121.1
fantasy 116.9
Jason 116.8
DontDoItPls 107.2
Chuckdnb 106.2
Lord Bodak 104.5
DirrtyDirrty 97.6
wxmanko 96.8
meansdude 93.8
spotcheck13 89.5
razrtrader 89.3
Da Bidz 88.8
Canable 86.8
Reverse Shocker 86.4
SirFWALGMan 86.1
Draft Master Mike 84
KingBack 83.4
Dart Thrower 82.6
Larry 75.8
wirenutts223 69.6
Beale 53.1

Tournament of Champion Qualifiers ($100 for 1st, $50 for second, $25 from entry fees to 3rd/4th...)

Bobby Bracelet , RTrizzle, ebk03001, Chewbot, bonds, Mattazuma, jek187, Expensive Wino, Pokerpeaker, Big Pirate, KenB25, Proehl, DrizzDJ, Mark, PokahDave, VinNay, HermWarfare, bayne_s, Zeem, Betty Underground, johnnieb, 23skidoo

Week 10 Sundays with Dr. Pauly Results

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At 11:13 AM, Blogger Dr. Pauly said...

This was fun. Let's do it again next year. Do I qualify for TOC?

At 1:33 PM, Blogger Blinders said...

I did not think of that. To get in they had to beat your score three straight times which left you with no way of qualifying. Your call, but seems like you should be in.


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