Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Cross a 2006 Goal Off My List

I just won a seat to the WSOP main event!!! Oooops, just kidding. Plus that was not even one of my stated goals for 06. However, I did just take delivery on a new PC with a 20.5" 1600x1200 LCD monitor. Holy Shit, I can see all four tables at once. How did I manage to multitable before? I simply love the set-up know. No worrying about what seat to take so that the tables will tile so that you can see if you were dealt a hand. No pushing the wrong button and reraising big with crap (it pretty much never works out), as you switch from table to table. And no more ignoring the action at the three other tables in the background. 1600 x 1200 rocks! Another cool thing is that by seeing all of the four tables, you can focus and watch the big hands more closely that you may not have even seen. When the pots get big, is when the most can be learned about the other players. Who cares about a guy taking down a $5 pot post flop with a $4 bet. I want to see who is getting all-in with middle pair crap kicker. Whose monster bluff is getting called down on the river, and who is doing the calling. All this info which was pretty much missing, unless it happened on the one table in the forefront is now mine to use. This has to improve my game big time.

While setting up my PC and reinstalling all of the poker sites / poker tracker... I decided to see if I could get rakeback from FullTilt through rakebreak. I sent an email to support to see if they could do it, and decided to hold off on installing FullTilt untill I got an answer. BTW I'm up to 4000+ pts on FullTilt and should easily make the WSOP freeroll next month. So I went to DoylesRoom to try the new monitor out, and get a few more points towards the $550 bonus that never seems to come. I'll tell you right now, that site seems rigged. Ever since I ripped them in my blog for putting me up against AA everytime I have KK, the bad beats have stopped. Monster flops galore, and my bankroll there is way back up. I won on all four tables there last night for a $240 profit in about 1 hour of play. I have been tearing up FullTilt as well, and my online bankroll is up over $1k since I reported it last week. Not bad considering I was only up like $800 in the previous 3 months. The FullTilt cash games seem extra juicy lately. Prolly with newbees trying to earn points for a bonus or the WSOP freeroll, and realizing they need to play way over their head stakes wise to get there. If you haven't played the cash games on FullTilt lately check it out.


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