Thursday, March 16, 2006

Bankroll/WSOP Update

It's been a while since I reported my online bankroll, so here it is:

FullTilt $3,515.40
PokerStars $1,915.10
DoylesRoom $1,118.37
BoDog $624.28
Neteller $1
Cashout/transfer $40

Total $7214.18

The last time I posted this on December 19th, I was at $6462. This is not a great improvement, but I got off to a horrible start in 2006, and probably gave back close to $1,000 before turning things around. Moving up to $1/2 nl has done wonders for my bankroll. Through 1600+ hands on FullTilt since the official switch, I am making $85-90/hr 4-tabling $1/2 nl. I realize this is a small sample and the win rate will likely drop a little over time, but I am very happy with this start and my confidence could not be higher at this level. What a difference a few months make. I used to be convinced that this level would continue to kick my ass. What I have found is the play is really not much better, but you need to play a little more tricky than the ABC poker that beats up $.50/1 nl. It seems like the guys who are doing well at this level are mostly guys I have played a lot with at $.50/1 and am comfortable playing against. The rest are fishy retards, prolly chasing a bonus or going for the WSOP freeroll.

Speaking of the WSOP freeroll, I put in close to three hours on FullTilt trying to generate some points towards the 10,000 required for the freeroll. I ended up with 632 pts for the day, or just north of 200 pts/hr. Looks like it will take about 45 hours of play to get there. I am going to push hard to get the hours in this week, so I can coast in to the 10,000. I won about $300 yesterday generating points not counting about $40 cleared in the reload bonus. If I can keep my win rate north of $75/hr while I am chasing the freeroll, I will have a fat bankroll to report next time. I checked out the lineup for the first 20 seat freeroll, and there were about 550 people who got to 10,000 pts last period required for the 20 seat freeroll. It's like a free $390 buy-in with a decent shot at a seat. Plus, there will probably be 5-10% zombies (no shows) that will make it even easier. I hope I get a couple of zombies to my left, so I can steal their stacks!

My quest for $Ws on PokerStars for the $2,000 seat is off to a slow but good start. I have played in just 1 satellite, a $2+R Turbo, that I won for 33 $W. Those things are super easy, but they start at a pretty bad time for me. I am going to try to play a few more, and get my $Ws up so I can play in the $25+R into the $650 tourney. If I can win 3 of those I will have $1950 and only have to put $50 of my own money in. Wish me luck!


At 9:01 AM, Blogger Veneno said...

Hey Neighbor! Another Californian..Woo hoo

You are IN for the HUC3. Good luck!


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