Monday, March 13, 2006

The Push For WSOP 2006 Begins Now

I just moved $600 from Neteller to PokerStars to take advantage of the 20% deposit bonus. PokerStars has started running qualifiers for the WSOP, so my push for a seat has officially begun. I am going to play in the $2,000 buy-in event on July 1st for sure. My plan is to play in various qualifier tournaments that lead up to a 10k qualifier, and unregister before playing in the last qualifier. This way I will accumulate as much W$ as possible, which I will use for a direct buy-in to the 2k event through PokerStars. Whatever amount of W$ I am short, I will supplement with cash to get to the 2k. I don't plan on trying for a 10k seat at PokerStars. I would like to play in the 10k event, but I don't want to waste real money trying to qualify. If I get north of 2k in W$ quickly, I may change my mind. If I cash in the 2k WSOP event, I may use winnings to pay for a 10k seat, and I will know I am ready if that happens.

FullTilt is where I will try to get a "free" 10k seat. The next qualifying period for the 20 seat freeroll begins tomorrow night at 9pm Pacific. If I am not playing in PokerStars qualifiers to get W$, I will be playing cash games on FullTilt to get the required 10,000 FullTilt points for the freeroll. I am still doing well at $1/2 nl and it looks like about 25 hours of 4 tabling the $1/2 nl will get me to 10k in points. I should be there in about two weeks and I will try to report my progress.

I have not had a lot of time for posts lately, but I should have more time over the next few weeks. I plan on doing a bankroll update shortly. I think I am up from the last time I reported it, but I got off to a bad start this year, and have only recently turned things back around. I just ordered a new PC and 20" high resolution monitor from Dell, so I will finally be able to see all four tables without them overlapping big time. I really think this will help, and the new PC should pay for itself in additional winnings pretty quick. I also will try to play in the blogger heads up championship that was just announced. No confirmation yet, but I should get in if they have at least 32 entries. I have a lot that I want to write on strategy so check back from time to time. Blinders will stop now. See ya.


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