Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Fuck DoylesRoom and Fuck Pocket Kings

It's been a while since my last post. I have been crazy busy with work, and just got back from a 9-day vacation. It's time for me to bitch, so reader beware. I just have to get this off my chest.

As of today, I am a loser at online poker for 2006. This is pretty unusual for me, as I have never really had a losing streak that lasted more than a few weeks. I think I can trace it back to a couple of key events that started my downward spiral. The first was when I found out you needed 110,000 fucking action points to clear the DoylesRoom "super bonus". I signed up for DoylesRoom about 4 months ago using the super bonus code. This was for a $550 bonus and hardbound copy of super system. Everything that I had read indicated that you needed 100 action points for every dollar of bonus. This would mean that I needed 55,000 points to clear the bonus. In my first 3 brief sessions on DoylesRoom, I ran my $500 deposit up to $1,050. I got stuck there for a while, but gained some momentum and ran it up to $1,800+ near the end of 2005. That's when I finally hit the 55,000 action point mark, but no bonus came my way. Action points are harder to get for me, because they are based on your actual rake, and not on the table rake like most other sites. The way I play cash games generally causes me to be raked much less than "action" players who compete for way more pots. With a standard system, it would take about 55 hours of 4 tabling .50/1 to get 55,000 action points, but it probably took me about 75 hours to get there at DoylesRoom. So I was up about $1,350 in 75 hours of play on DoylesRoom. Not great, but decent plus time to get an extra $550. No bonus came, and after contacting support I found out it would take 110,000 points or twice the effort to clear the bonus. This was unpublished and bullshit in my mind. I was pissed. Fuck DoylesRoom! PokerTracker don't work there, and I am making less than on FullTilt. Time to play mainly on Fulltilt, and pick up a table or two on DoylesRoom when things were too tight at FullTilt.

This is when I started running KK vs. AA preflop on a regular basis at DoylesRoom (see previous post). Well I did not learn how to lay them down preflop yet. It always goes something like this. I raise 4x with KK, then some one reraises me. I push all-in, and there is AA as usual. It used to be that you would make that move, and some jackass fish would call with 66, or TT, or QQ, but not anymore. It is always fucking AA. These players have gotten better, I have gotten unluckier, or some combination of the two. Oh yeah, I never ever suck out when this happens, and I never run up against KK when I have AA. So I rack out, and rack out, and rack out. After running KK into AA preflop last week and today, My bankroll at DoylesRoom is down to $950 or about $900 lighter then the end of 2005. My Action points are only up to 67,000. I have lost $900 in about 15 hours of 4 table equivalent play (-$60/hr). Fuck DoylesRoom, Fuck DoylesRoom, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!!!!! I have never seen anything like this, and I really don't think my play has deteriorated, I am just getting KK crushed over and over. Fuck Pocket Kings, Fuck Cowboys, and Fuck Brokeback Mountain, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!!!

On Fulltilt I have been basically break even in 2006. I have won a few bucks on PokerStars, but just in the company tournament. Today, I was 4 tabling (2 fulltilt, and 2 Doyles), when I ran KK vs. AA twice in 2 minutes (1 dolyes, 1 fulltilt). All-in preflop, no help of course. Luckily on fulltilt this was right after I ran a flopped set that I check raised into a higher turned set, that stuck me 1/3 of my stack. I started a new tracker database when Fulltilt started the new WSOP promo. Since then, I am down $160. I have lost big with QQ 5 out of 7 times and am down overall about $100 with all pocket pairs which is very unusual (through about 1400 hands). So I suck at fulltilt lately as well.

The other reason I will give is my broken wrist which happened a few days before the end of the year. I have cut down on my play quite a bit since then, because I have been too drugged up or too tired to play my normal late night shift. Also I can't really chat like I used too. While chatting can be a distraction when your multitabling, I usually have some fun with it by getting under other players skin, or carrying on ridiculous yet funny conversations. This tends to put me in a good mood, and makes the game way more enjoyable. With the bad beats I have taken lately, the game is just not as fun, and I think that makes me play worse.

So what do I do. First of all, I don't think online poker is rigged by the sites. I am going through some difficult times, that are starting to affect my game. I think it would be good to switch things up a bit and play Sit and Goes instead of exclusively cash games which have been good to me in the past. Plus, my tournament play has still been good throughout all of this. I really want to go for the WSOP freeroll on fulltilt, but I will not make it this month. It is going to take about 60+ hours of .50/1 four tabling to get to 10k in points, so I will need to turn my game around before the 15th, or I will start pissing away my FullTilt bankroll. Also, Its time to bite the bullet and upgrade my video card and monitor to high resolution. Since I can type now with my bad wrist, chat will also be back in effect. Stay tuned to see how I do.


At 4:15 PM, Blogger smokkee said...

dude, you should try RAZZ. i don't know anything about it personally but, someone told me the worst hand wins. maybe worth checking out.


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