Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Greatest Feeling In Poker

What's the best thing that can happen in Texas Holdem? Or more correctly, what feels the best. Well getting all of your chips in after the river with the nutz is pretty good, but I am talking about getting all your chips in the middle preflop with rockets. That feels the best. When you get them all-in preflop with rockets you have done your work. You are in a great situation, and it is in the hands of the poker gods. You have played as well as any mortal could play, just need to wait for the outcome. Getting it in with the nutz after the river is nice, but you already see the pot as yours, so it does not feel as good.

Fulltilt $.50/1 nl 9 handed
I get AA in MP
UTG opens to $5 and gets one caller.
I reraise to $15
UTG calls
next guy goes all-in for $50 total
I reraise all-in
UTG folds

This is it, the perfect situation. I am going to crush his KK, QQ, or AK.

Blinders shows AA
Other guy shows AA

Split pot, and I win 1/2 of UTGs $15. Could have been worse.


At 9:11 AM, Blogger smokkee said...

The best feeling is pulling off a bluff and getting your opponent to lay down the winning hand. When you've outplayed your opponent, with a weaker hand, that's shows some skill. waiting around for AA and calling an all-in after a reraise takes no skill at all. AA is a no brainer hand.


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