Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I Have Made The Move Up To 1/2 NL

This has taken way longer than I ever thought possible, but I have made the move! As you may have seen from my earlier posts, I have been struggling in 2006. Mainly due to a series of bad beats that are not worth discussing any more. I figured a change may be good, so I started multitabling the 1/2 nl cash games on FullTilt. This time I got some cards and luck, and managed to win $300 in about 450 hands over the last few days. This is a welcome change from the last few times I moved up, but I was due. I have been buying in for $120, so I have about a three buy-in cushion right now before I would go negative. I plan on playing this level exclusively (provided the table looks right) for now, as I try to qualify for the WSOP freeroll. I am not going to make it by the 14th, but it should be pretty easy for the next qualifier. Last night I could only find one juicy 1/2 table on FullTilt so I filled in three other $.50/1 tables. I ended up winning on all 4 tables. The hand of the night was at $1/2. I was at about $110 in chips when I picked up AQo in the SB. There were a few limpers, so I popped it to $10 and got one caller. Flop came KJT rainbow. I did a small continuation bet of $14 into a $25 pot and got called. The turn was a J which I did not like, but I fired out $30 anyway. Call again. This guy would have probably reraised with a boat there, so I felt I still had the lead. The river was a small card for a runner runner heart flush. I had $56 left and the pot was $113. I pushed all-in to make it look like I was bluffing at the flush. At first I thought that might have been stupid, as I would only get called by a better hand, but the guy went into the tank, so I knew I had him. He eventually called with AK, and I won a nice pot. The guy was pissed and started crying, but he played that pretty bad. I laughed. The poker gods owed me that one, and ten more just like it.


At 2:07 PM, Blogger smokkee said...

you're still playing .50/1 ??? cut the freakin' cord already and stick to 1/2 exclusively. that hand is funny. you're lucky you hit the flop that hard otherwise, you would've been caught out of position try to bluff down the pot. AK had you dominated preflop. i think you're better off limping there. AQ blows.


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