Monday, March 20, 2006

Calling Down a River Bluff With King High

I played in a little home tourney over the weekend. It was the usual $10+ rebuys format, and had a $170 prize pool paying 90/50/30. I was not really getting great starting hands, but I was getting some great flops, and the other players were choosing the wrong times to bluff into me. I took an early, commanding chip lead. I was playing very well, and figured the tourney was mine to lose. There was a new guy at this one. He was pretty a pretty wild loose aggressive player. His stack was up and down most of the way. After the rebuy period was over, his stack got crippled down to under $100 (you start with $100). I figured he was out. He started to rally back, and one by one knocked all the last players out to get heads up with me with nearly as many chips.

I am registered for the blogger heads up challenge, and I felt this would be some good live heads up practice for me, since I have been playing mainly cash games lately. We went back and forth stealing blinds for several hands without seeing any flops. Then came the hand of the night. I probably screwed this one up, but this is how it went down. Blinds were $20/$40, and I raised it to $100 with K6o. Call. Flop comes down 875 rainbow giving me an outside straight draw and an over. I bet $150 trying to take it down right there. Call. Turn drops a T. Its pretty hard to put this guy on a hand here. Does he have a small piece of the flop, a couple of overs, a draw? The pot is getting pretty big, so I could push-in semi bluff or check and try to take a free card. I check and he checks behind. J drops on the river. Ok, I missed completely, and have K high on a raggidy board. I could make a big bluff here for all my chips, or check it down and hope the other guy does not bet. I decide to check, and the other guy bets a measly $100 into a $500 pot. I look down and see the I have about $325 left in front of me. This really feels like a bluff, but all I have is King high. If I call and lose, I am down to $225 and in big trouble. If I don't call I still have $325 against about $1500, and am down, but not out. I really think I can outplay this guy, and the blinds are still pretty small. I decide to fold, and he flips over Q6o (Queen fucking high), and takes it down. I start to get a little tilty. I came real close to calling, but didn't. Should I have called?

I lost my patience and started folding or pushing preflop even though the blinds were still semi-small. I came over the top all-in with K9s and lost to AT0 for 2nd place and a $50 payout.


At 12:31 PM, Blogger smokkee said...

the way you played that hand screamed weakness (checking the turn and river.)


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