Thursday, June 21, 2007

The $20 FullTilt Transfer

I was not able to play the Mookie last night as I had another commitment, and wanted to lay low after the MATH fiasco. It pains me to watch these things if I can't play, so I was just doing some work at home, when a $20 transfer to my FT account came through from Bayne_S. I did some handicapping of the BBT a while back, and put up odds for the favorites. I tried to do my best, and was willing to put my money where my mouth was (biggest mistake was leaving BuddyDank out). Bayne_S after moving into the BBT lead decided to hedge himself, by taking oossuuu754 to win at 5-1 odds. At the time of this request they were sitting 1 & 2 at the top, so I was a little reluctant, but took the bet.

So last night, Bayne_S goes ahead and pays off the bet out of the blue and well before the end of the BBT. WTF? It dawned on me what must have happened. I went to FullTilt and checked the Mookie results, and he just took it down as expected. Congrats to you Bayne_S. You are winning the BBT title not by just having the persistence to play all events. You are clearly the cream of this blogger crop when it comes to the BBT. Well done sir!

My first experience with Bayne_S was when we went heads-up for the CC title earlier in the year. It was a long and interesting heads-up battle, that I was lucky enough to eventually win. I actually did not think much of his game at that point, but I just think he had not figured out how to play back at me correctly yet. I'm sure I was new to him at that point as well, and he has a plan for me now when I am at his table.

I also met Bayne_S at the Summer 07 blogger gathering. I did not get to spend too much time with him, but he seemed like a good guy with a great sense of humor. I tried to Jinx him with this post, but nothing was going to stop him.

Congrats to the first BBT champion Bayne_S. We could not have found a more deserving guy for the title.

Now for hint #2:

I have a new sponsor of this blog.

BBT Points/Event standings through the mookie is shown below.

BBT Points/Event (17 events min.)

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At 11:26 AM, Blogger bayne_s said...

Of course if oossuuu does go on a tear and wins 3 events I expect money back but he has been in quite the funk.

That HU vs. you at CC's challenge was made more brutal because I was also in 1st round of HU tourney against Hoy.

So not only was I stuck playing one unfamiliar opponent I was playing another opponent I was more familiar with who had a quite different style.

At 11:45 AM, Blogger cmitch said...

I like that points/event chart. I jumped from 31st in the last one that you posted to 6th in this one after playing only two additional events.

I think that the scoring should be based on ROI% with a min # of tourneys. The current system puts way too much emphasis on playing every single tourney. At the very least it could have been something like each person's top 20 scores.

At 2:51 PM, Blogger Buddy Dank said...

And when Buddydank goes on a tear and wins all the remaining events I want a bottle of Bayne's tears.

Never underestimate the stoner. err....yeah.


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