Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Vegas Report Part Duece

Saturday morning was the live blonkament at the Orleans. A lot has been written about this and I must concur with what was written. The structure sucked and the tournament director was a total tool. At one point with two tables left, I think Fuel sucked out runner runner quads to win a pot and we made a bit of a commotion. The TD came over and told us to keep it quiet. I said "I guess you are not allowed to have fun in Vegas anymore". Pathetic.

The blonkament, which was my third, went just like all the others. I hung in, chipped up to keep about average, then got decimated by the rising levels and lack of cards a few hours in. I think I got up to about 7k in chips (2.5k to start) with about 20 left. 7k was not much though as it was already push or fold mode and I was not catching the right type of cards. Finally I picked up 88 and open pushed from the cutoff. Astin who was the shorty at the table at the time and on the button called with 99. He only had about 1.5k so it did not crush my stack, but it would have been nice to pick up the blinds and antes at that point. Moments later we broke to the final two tables. Like last time, I am eliminated calling an open raise by the hammer. This time I picked up pocket sixes and was happy to see someone push before me, as I might get them heads up against overs. Unfortunately, grubettee and Astin called as well. Grubette was a total card rack at the table, so I knew I was dead. My 66 was against 72o, AQo, and AJo for the lead, and a slim but decent chance of chipping up bigtime. Grubette's AQ would improve and eliminate all three of us. I think I ended up around 16th. Shortly after that, the final table formed and this is where the fun really began.

I have always been pretty good at setting lines, and I guess with my recent BBT handicapping people were looking to me for final table prop bets. First up was STB who wanted action on Wawfuls. Waffle was third in chips, but grubbette had a massive chip stack. I offered 3-1 odds, but STB wanted better (who wouldn't with waffles?). He eventually agreed and we put $20 to the test. Next up FallStaff wanted action on Grubbette. Guess he likes favorites. She was still in the lead but there were 6 or 7 left and some other decent sized stacks. I offered up even money, and we put $20 into action. Later on, Rachel (spacette) won a massive pot calling a preflop push with 96s and flopping trips. This put her solid in second place. Spaceman wanted action on his wife. How can I refuse? I offered up 3-1 which at first he protested wanting better. I said before that hand you could have got 12-1 or better. He put $10 down on her. I did not really see her taking it down, but the way she was playing was correct. I don't have much of a shot with this type of structure, as turbos benefit the gamblers quite a bit more than me. Anyway, we would end up with the three ladies I had action against (Grubette, Spacette, and Wafflette). I am a freaking genius. The only good thing was I could only lose if Wawfuls took it down. Wawfuls would go out third leaving me with a profit of $10 no matter who won. I started rooting for Spacette, as I thought it was pretty cool spaceman had bet on his wife. He would look pretty good as I paid him off after she took it down.



At 6:08 AM, Blogger StB said...

I would have been much happier had Wawfuls gone out on a blow up instead of being drawn out on.

Nice to see you.


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