Saturday, June 16, 2007

Vegas 07 Trip Report Part Trips

Just after the live blonkament, I found out that we would be playing cash again at the MGM Saturday night. This was great, because I was staying at the Trop, and could rest-up for the nights festivities, as well as be on foot vs. driving. This would be key with the number of beers I would put down in the next 8 hours. After the previous nights charity fest at MGM, I was ready to turn things around. I got to the MGM around 8pm. Jumped right on a table with Hoy, Miami Don, Crackin Aces, Smokkee, Iakaris, and later colombo, geek and proud, and StatikKling.

I would get off to a nice start chipping up right away. I raised from SB with AJo and behind a couple of limpers. 3 callers. Flop came AJx. I checked, chad opened for $10, rock calls, and I reraised to $30. Chad and the local rock who would eventually be the last non-blogger at the table called. The turn is a J, and this time I check to make it look like the J scared me, and I got some crap Ace. They both check behind. River is a blank, and I lead out for about $40, and chad folds and rock calls. I show my boat. I think Chad knew exactly what I had, but had a big draw that probably pays off my value bet if it hits. I would work my $200 buy-in up to about $350 before this hand happened. According to Hoy, it was against Statik, but it was against a tourist, as Statik was not there yet.

I pick up Tc9c in the cutoff, and most of the table limps. I announce "Min-Raise" and raise it up to $4 total. Don folds the button, and the rest of the table calls for a 7 way flop. The min-raise accomplished exactly what I wanted it to. It bought me the button, and built a nice multiway pot with a hand with lots of potential. Flop comes ATx with 2 clubs. Rock opens for $15, Tourist calls, I call, and one blind calls. Turn gives me the flush. Rock checks, tourist opens for $25. I announce "Reraise", and slide a $100 stack of fives in the middle. Blind and rock fold, and tourist tanks, then calls. River is a blank. Tourist has about $120 left. I open push, and he calls and flips KcJc for the nut flush. I add-on $100, and bleed off a few chips before, me and smokkee would raise and reraise each other all-in pre-flop. I have KK, and smokkee flips AA, and stacks my last $125 off. Yeah me! I'm down a quick $300 on the night I am supposed to be making up for the previous nights losses.

The stacking off left me in a bit of a predicament. I only brought $400 with me to Vegas. I was planning on building that up and not going to the ATM. My stubbornness kept me from the ATM until about 2AM Friday night to pull another $400. So now I am down another $300, at about 9:30PM Saturday, and basically out of money. I will not be able to use the ATM for another 4+ hours. Luckily, I had found out that Iak was buying up FullTilt funds, as he had no way to deposit. He gave me a buy-in so I could continue, and I wired it to his account the next night.

I would finally get things together, and double up my buy-in, and stay close to $400 for the rest of the night. I even dropped the hammer! Hoy kept asking me if I had the hammer when I was involved in big pots, and I kept telling him that I never play the hammer (true). I picked up the hammer in the cutoff after a limper, and showed Hoy. I raised it up to $10, and Chad called. I caught a piece of the flop when a deuce landed, and c-bet up $20. Chad insta-called. The river brought a card that gave me an outside straight draw to go with my pair of deuces and Chad checked again. I fired out $35, and Chad thought then folded. I flipped up the hammer to show everyone. I think Hoy was proud of me. If someone catches me doing that again though, slap me. I ended the night down $150, which was a nice recovery from being down $300 earlier, but I was still a bit disappointed. Good times though.



At 7:31 AM, Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Nice report, had a great time playing with you man. And even more fun encouraging you to drop that Hammer, which we both know was your favorite moment of the entire weekend.

Btw sorry about getting the opponent wrong in that flush over flush hand. But you know me and my mixed up hand histories....

At 7:32 AM, Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Actually I take it back, your favorite moment of the weekend was showing Don that total bluff when he recockulously laid down the second nut flush to you on that one hand early on Saturday I think.

At 8:37 AM, Blogger Blinders said...

Those were the two big highlights of the trip. I can't beleive that Don lays down the second nuts, but it can pay to have a squeeky tight reputation, lol.

At 10:41 AM, Blogger smokkee said...

learn how to fold KK.


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