Friday, March 09, 2007

Back From Retirement

I have not played a single blogger tourney in 2007. Have not played a lot of cash games either. Last night, with the wife working late and my son at a B-Day party, I had the urge to mix it up a little. I was planning on the WWdN or whatever it is called on Thursday, but I caught in Hoy's blog, that CCs bash was running, as well as Al's riverchasers tourney. I jumped into both and skipped the WW (it starts a little too late). As you can see above, I won CCs Thursday bash for the second time in my last three tries. I took the chip lead early at the final table, and held it until heads-up. It was a very interesting and long heads-up battle with bayne_s. I will summarize the heads-up play below for those interested.

I ended up knocking out the guy second in chips giving me close to a 4-1 chip lead going into heads-up. I thought it would be over pretty quick. I ran A4 vs. 33 for the win, but whiffed the board and doubled Bayne up. Then I flopped top pair with K2. I played it pretty slow, figuring I was way ahead, but there was a flush draw on the board. I hit trip Kings, that completed the flush, and bet more. The river blanked, and Bayne led out for the first time for about 2/3s of his stack. I thought about pushing in, but just called. He had the flush and now the chip lead as well. We were seeing a ridiculous number of flops heads-up. Bayne was completing his SB about 90% of the time, and I was just checking behind a lot. Mainly because I was beating Bayne to the bet post flop and taking down a lot of uncontested pots. I picked up A3o and got it all-in preflop against Bayne's 77. I whiffed the flop, and Bayne caught a 7 on the turn, and I figured I was drawing dead. I ended up rivering the wheel and was back from the dead. At this point, I just turned the pressure up another notch, and started building a chip lead, hand by hand. I was raising and betting at just about everything, and folding to any pressure. I built up a big lead, and eventually took it down after about 20 minutes of heads-up play. Its good to be back!

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At 10:36 AM, Blogger lucko said...

Good job!!

I was just getting into your blog when you went into "retirement". Hope this gets you back playing and posting more.


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