Thursday, May 03, 2007

Updated BBT Points/Event and Some Huge Laydowns in the Mookie

I updated the BBT Points per Event standings for those interested. This includes the top 35 ranked players. I said from the beginning this would be the measuring stick I would use for myself, since I would miss quite a few events. As you can see, I now rank second overall behind MiamiDon, after my 13th place in last nights mook. A couple other statistics of note. I have the highest points of anyone with 7 or fewer events. My 7 out of 7 in the points is also tops among all BBT competitors. So how do I do it. It's called making some huge laydowns. See my recap of last nights mook below.

I caught some great cards early and built my stack up to about 2300. This was a nice change from the last few BBT events, but would be short lived. I caught 99 on the button, and raise 3x after an EP limper. Limper checked the flop, I c-bet, and limper check-raise jammed the flop.

This might be an autocall for a lot of MTTers, but I folded. The lost chips on the hand would put me back below 1500 where I would stay for the next hour.

I would get blinded down to 1167, when I woke up with AA in the BB. I played this one very unusually, but it worked out great. I had one limper, and the SB folded. The limper was well stacked, and I had a super-weak image. I thought about raising 3x, but was afraid the limper might fold due to my tightness. I was desperate for a double-through so I took the use your image line, and checked preflop and the flop. Limper almost had to try to buy it, but the 600 bet meant he could not fold to my 927 push, and I double through.
I then catch AK, and jam over a preflop raise, but end up chopping with a boat.

I pushed from the SB with Q8s and doubled through Al when his AJo was no goot. We would eventually get down to the last few tables, and donky mcfish was the chip leader. I pick up AQo and am facing this action in front of me.

When Fishy 5x raised from UTG I was ready to Jam as I did not put him on much, but Recess beat me to it. I figured there was no way my AQo is good against both of them so I folded.

I was right, but would have rivered Broadway for a chop of fishys money.

I pick up 99 and here we go again. Fishy opens, Recess makes a huge reraise. Again I was going to Jam over fishy until Recess jumped in. I fold again preflop, as I figure I am way behind or at best will need to dodge 4 overs.

After the 99 I would not catch much. I jammed a few times, and won preflop or sucked out. I would end up 13th. Should be in the RiverChasers tonight.

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At 3:22 PM, Blogger Schaubs said...

I'd be sitting around 15-16th on this list, however as you stated you only included the top 35 (I've missed the last few and have dropped from 25th to 41st)... not a very useful stat if you don't include everyone, but that's just me. I love stats. Keep up the good work, I am sure you would be near the top if you could get the approval you were looking for.

At 4:01 PM, Blogger Blinders said...


I think you need to put some minimum on the number of events entered so that it does not weight too much towards those who have only played a couple. Obviously, the more events that you have played, the more meaningful/real the point per event metric is. The top 35 is a bit arbitrary so I think I will use a minimum 1/2 events entered as the cut-off going forward.

At 10:01 AM, Blogger Schaubs said...

Great point. Defining the criteria is esential in producing a good stat. I guess I'll need to play in more events then, although I am having a tough time attending one per week right now.


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