Thursday, April 26, 2007

Pot Limit HO?

The game is called Pot-Limit HA, which makes no sense since it is a mix of Holdem and Omaha. I guess Pot-Limit HO is just too offensive. For some reason I had the MTT bug, so I entered a token frenzy which I took 2/178th in (see above). I know what you are going to say. When these things get to the token it becomes a push-fest, but I swear there were at least 6 of us playing it out for real. I would not back down and would end up heads-up for the title in a 178 player MTT. Anyway, what was I talking about? That's right Pot-Limit HO. I saw one of those going off as well. Double stacks, check. Some kind of other form of poker mixed in with holdem, check. Pot-limit???? I pretty much final table all the HORSE MTTs I enter, so it should be no problem. Problem, never played Pot-Limit (high only) Omaha before, ever, ever. Below is where I was when I got to the FT.

I would battle my way to second in chips.

But go a little dead 3-handed and end up third. 3+2 = Enough material for a brag post?

This is the first hand from the MTT is below. It illustrates two things. First, I mix it up more than people prolly give me credit. And lastly, sometimes it pays to take a flyer early in a double stack MTT preflop (Beleive it or not Hoy). Thirdly, presto no goot against the blind man.

Full Tilt Poker Game #2295501854: Double Stack $20 + $2 (17247650), Table 5 - 10/20 - Pot Limit Hold'em - 19:46:00 ET - 2007/04/26
The button is in seat #9
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Blinders [6s 4s]
8fivesuited folds
Blinders calls 20 (semi questionable limp here)
DuraAce folds
iStackBooks folds
dumbass555 raises to 90
dumbrowski12 folds
MyEntourage calls 90
cacciol has 15 seconds left to act (I figure if this guy calls I am easily priced in)
cacciol calls 80
HARM59 folds
Blinders calls 70
*** FLOP *** [2h 5s 8s] (perfect flop)
cacciol bets 190
Blinders raises to 950 (not used to Pot-limit yet so I bet max. I wanted my chips all-in on this hand)
dumbass555 calls 950 (With a name like dumbass555 any guesses what he's got?)
MyEntourage folds
cacciol folds
*** TURN *** [2h 5s 8s] [As] (Presto killer)
Blinders bets 1,960, and is all in
dumbass555 calls 1,960, and is all in
Blinders shows [6s 4s]
dumbass555 shows [5c 5h]
*** RIVER *** [2h 5s 8s As] [Ks] (no resuck)
Blinders shows a flush, Ace high
dumbass555 shows three of a kind, Fives
Blinders wins the pot (6,390) with a flush, Ace high (Can you say chip leader)
dumbass555 stands up



At 9:45 PM, Blogger Scots_Chris said...

I'd never played a token sng before yesterday, and when I hit the token spots (top 5 in the $8.70), I realised there was nothing left to play for beyond the "idea" of winning first - which is a very important mindset, don't get me wrong. However, I was already a hilariously large chipleader and shoved with 10-5 as did everyone else, and I hit trip 10s to take down the entire show. Haha. It's sort of hilarious to watch decent play immediately switch off into freeroll donk mode.

If I manage to bunk off work again I'll be seeing if I can put one of those $26 tokens to work in the MATH again...

At 9:50 PM, Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Nice job Blinders. Personally I love HA as it is two fun games that I really enjoy playing, and I like the variety of the regular switches between the two.

Btw, an even nice job making those screenshots link to big ones so we can actually see them. Wtg with that. Your blog is getting better and better.

At 11:39 PM, Blogger Fuel55 said...

Cracking a presto set - GOOD GRIEF! Such sacrilege.

At 2:59 AM, Blogger smokkee said...


top 41 get the paid the same in the token frenzy. nice job finishing 2nd for the same payout as 41st guy.

45 player MTT? that's an sng. there were 73 players in last night's mOOk.

At 8:27 AM, Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Pot Limit HO is Omaha-8, like the O in Horse. Hence HA is Omaha high.. No idea why they chose the HA but it is what it is..

At 8:05 PM, Blogger HB TNT said...

Good one Blinders. It'd be interesting to sit down with you.


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