Tuesday, April 10, 2007

18th out of 136

This is probably as high as I will get so I will document it with a screenshot. I am currently 18th out of 136 in the blogger battle standings. This is highly unusual for several reasons. First, I was not planning on playing anything but a riverchasers or Big Game or two. Mon and Wed nights are not goot for me. Secondly, I really have not got much going in the the 3 out of 4 events that I played so far, with not a single cash or FT to speak of. Actually not even close to a FT. Yet, I stand proudly at 18th way, way, way, above the big names of the MTT world (I would list but it would be long and you know who you are). Lastly, did I mention that I suck at MTTs? I guess the point structure is perfectly aligned with how I play them. If I could play all of these, I prolly could make a run, but I won't. Going to miss the mookie tomorrow as it is live game night.
I think between what I have done, along with MiamiDon's similar accomplishments, the question has finally been answered as to who is best, Cash Gamers or MTTers. I think both sides already knew this, but it is now painfully clear. I don't do MTT recaps very often (since I don't play many, and brag posts just come out better), but XKM1245 wanted to read about how I sucked out on him. I will do anything for my readers BTW (sucking NOT included). So below is my recap. It is semi interesting for someone who finished 23/52, lol.
Limped with KQ on the second hand. Flop came K83 rainbow, and I minraised an EP better. EP calls and then checks the turn when another 3 comes. I bet 450 into a 600ish pot, and get minraised to 900. I tank, but think I need to let this one go. I am not going broke in a limped pot here, as he could be way ahead. I fold and am down to 2200 right away.
I am not catching much for cards. I raise slim preflop a few times and c-bet the miss, but I keep getting played back at, and have to fold. My stack gets down to about 1700 1/2 hour in.
With the blinds at 25/50, I pick up JJ which looks like gold compared to what I have seen so far. XKM1245 raises from EP to 150, and it folds to me, and I reraise it to 550. XKM pushes, and I am left with the option of folding or getting all-in as I was easily covered. I figured I was up against AA-QQ or AK (possibly AQ). So I am way behind or I have a coinflip. I need to call about 1100 more for about a 3500 pot. Now in a cash game, I am not raising that big of a portion of my stack preflop with JJ (not pot committing myself preflop with JJ), and I am folding to the preflop push. But in an MTT where I am already down to 1/2 my starting stack, I am willing to go to war preflop with JJ, and this is why I raised the amount that I did. If he folds, fine. If he pushes, I will call. If he just calls, I can away if the flop is big, but will push all small flops. So I call, which was justified IMO, he flips QQ, I flop a J and double through. Ooops, but back in business at 3500 in chips.
Limp with KQ from the button in multiway pot. Flop comes AQx and everyone checks to me. I check behind looking for a miracle Q. Turn is a Q putting two flush draws on board. EP bets 1/3 pot, and I reraise pot, EP calls. River completes the runner/runner flush, and EP bets very small. I call and lose to the nut flush.
Down pretty low again. Get KTo on the button and raise 3x. BB calls. Flop is KTx with two hearts. BB checks, and I bet 2/3 pot. BB calls. Turn blanks, and EP leads out. I just call. River blanks, and BB pushes. I think, but call and BB flips up AhKh and I double through.
About 1 1/2 hour in now and near points bubble. I have not seen anything, but the JJ I should have been eliminated on. A bunch of small PPs with no help, and a lot of marginal hands. I am also getting played back at all the time. The blinds are also eating away at my stack and I have about 2600 left. I get AJo in the cutoff, and see Bayne in the 300 BB with just 325 behind. I raise to 800, hoping to get through the big stacks on the button and SB. It folds to Bayne, who tanks. I know he has crap, but he has odds, and eventually calls with 32s. He flops a deuce and doubles through.
Down to 1650 in chips and in the BB. Jordan is in the cutoff, and has been raising a lot preflop. It folds to him, and he is thinking for a while. I have AJo again, and am praying for him to raise again so I can push-in over the top with what is likely ahead. He goes for the hoy or reverse hoy where he bets $1 less then what I have. It folds to me, and I push as planned for the extra dollar. He tanks. I even put in the chat "Just Fold". He calls with A6o, flops a 6 and sends me to the rail in 23rd.
In summary, I did not catch any cards. My best hand (JJ), I got it in way behind and sucked out. I stayed out of trouble and got paid the few times I had hands. I made a couple of big plays late with AJ0. Both were correct, and I had to get something going at the time, but luck was not on my side. Blah, Blah, Blah. Congrats to MiamiDon though. His run is becoming legendary at this point.

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At 2:50 AM, Blogger smokkee said...

last time i checked, MTT super-joe Lucko was tearin up the cash games. how does that compute?

congrats on ur 18th place standing after a few events. the BBT is a marathon.

At 8:13 AM, Blogger Blinders said...

I'll give you a free chance to catch-up tonight, but will pull away some more at the big game.

At 9:14 AM, Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

I'm up over a grand in 6-max cash games over the past week. Guess that does not compute either with the logic machine who runs this blog. Not bad for a guy who felts it every time with TPTK is it? Hah hah.

Btw please don't mention the cash success, I have purposefully not posted about it for obvious reasons (Blinders you of course know all about this). I thought just mentioning it in an obscure comment on someone else's blog might avoid the rage of the poker gods. But seriously, you don't really think it follows logically that cash takes more skill just because an individual player who plays a lot of cash games has gone on a 2-week tear in small mtts against largely donkified players, do you? That has got to be the worst logical leap I've heard in at least 6 hours. At first I thought it was just a joke, but now it seems like you might actually believe this stuff. Scarrry man.

Btw, what is with all these fewls in the cash games who will just bluff pot on the flop, get called, bluff the now bigger pot on the turn, get called again, and then check-fold the river? The more I play, the less I can believe how many of these monkeys there are out there. At the $100 NL and lower levels, anyways.

At 11:53 AM, Blogger bayne_s said...

I sat there looking at a lot of 83, 52 and 94 hands waiting for something and then picked up a 32 (soooted) in BB. Knew math dictates call but waiting for a 3 freaking high sucks.


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