Monday, April 16, 2007

Punk Show and Big Game

Some poker content in a moment, but first I went to the concert above Saturday. For those of you unfamiliar with the crowd or dickies, they are old-school punk bands. Punk came out when I was in High School, and I used to go to tons of punk shows. We would bribe the bouncer $20 at the cookoos nest, and he would let like eight of us (all under age) in the backdoor. The cover was around $8, so he was doing us 15-16 year old punks a huge favor. It never occurred to me back then that some 25 years later these bands would still be touring. There is something very un-punk about a 45-50 year old punk. How rebellious can you be at that age. It just kind of flys in the face of the whole concept of punk. It's one thing for the old rockers to continue on, but the punks? I did some slam dancing, obv.

Anyway, I have not played a drop of poker other than the few blogger events in the last week or so since I cleared the $300 bonus. I played in the big game, and didn't do much. I was at a good aggressive starting table, and was not getting anything to play with. It was getting raised just about every hand preflop, so there was no way to get in cheap with anything. I got absolutely nothing for the first hour, and won a couple of pots on pure bluffs post flop to stay almost even. In the second hour, still nothing, and playing ridiculously tight as a result. At an aggressive table, you are pretty screwed if you get too far below average, as you will get picked on by the super aggressive better stacked opponents. In MTTs, I really want to understand my image and it was "weak/ubertight" to this point. I usually do not get overly concerned if I am playing like this and everyone knows it, because I can use it to my advantage later. The key for me is that when the blinds start to go up, is to start raising preflop thin before I start catching real cards. People tend to believe (all but Iak) that I have something when I raise preflop after 90 minutes of weak/tight play. So they will let me take a couple of much needed pots down the first few times I show aggression. Then hopefully, as they pick up on the changes, I catch something for real and get played back at. That's how you rally back from horrible cards early in an MTT. Buy a few pots, then get a double/triple through when you finally catch. Then double through again and you are right in it.

So back to the second hour, and it's getting late. I get 99 in the BB and jam over wonka's 500 steal from the button. He thinks and folds. I get KhQx and call Drizz's raise (SB) from the BB. Flop comes JTx all hearts. Drizz checks, and I jam for slightly more than pot. Drizz folds. I pick up AKo and you know what happens right. I raise, get re-raised all-in by Drizz. I call, he has TT, and I lose the coinflip. 27/53 and out on the points bubble. I love MTTs

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