Friday, March 30, 2007

$300 Bonus Challenge Update

I have been neglecting to do an update on this for reasons that you can probably guess. You see I bragged about how well I was running in a post, and as you know this is exactly what the poker Gods look for before unleashing their wrath. This makes it pretty tough for those of us who do official challenges we are supposed to report on. It sucks to report when you are running bad in a challenge, and if you dare report when you are running good you will be struck dead in your tracks. So if you jump out huge and things are going great, you just keep it real quiet and for the 2 or 3 people who want an update, just let them wait. That's the right approach if you jump out hot. Act like you forgot you were running a challenge, and just post the results when its over with a disclaimer that you could not dare post mid-challenge without killing your streak.

I was real careful in the post, and said that the win rate "was not real", and I would be very happy with "1/2 the win rate". I tried not to brag. But I did get the usual result which was bound to happen anyway. The usual fare of running set into higher set, big pair into higher big pair. Just getting into tough situations that even the best of us can't avoid. I still think I am playing well, though a little too much aggression is probably starting to creep into my game. I am not going to do any screenshots but here is a rough update on the $300 Bonus Challenge.

$200 in bonus cleared. I was at $160 at 7 days so slightly ahead of schedule.
$625 in Profit. Down a couple buy-ins since last weekend.
$825 in total profit.

I am going to need to pound the tables this weekend to clear the bonus and turn things around, poker Gods willing.

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you're luck at the tables has nuthin to do with what u post here.


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