Tuesday, November 28, 2006

$1711 - Back On Track And Moving Up To 2/4 NL

I played a brief session of about 100 hands for about a $270 profit. The roll now says I need to play 2/4 nl. I will try to get some hands in at 2/4 nl before blowing it at 1/2 nl like last time. Wish me luck. I abandoned my quest for the Iron Man Silver freeroll as it will take place during the blogger weekend in Vegas. It is also not looking like I will clear the full $500 reload bonus on FullTilt. I need to clear another $240 in bonus in about a week, and have not been playing enough to get there. I hate leaving bonus money on the table, but this will be like the 4th time I have done it. I think its about time for another FullTilt reload bonus anyway.

Below is some chat from a game yesterday that I thought was pretty funny.

Dealer: lagwagon shows two pair, Aces and
Dealer: lagwagon wins the pot ($115) with two
pair, Aces and Threes
Dealer: Hand #1315524562
Jimmy_Money: fkn gays
Jimmy_Money: sucker
Dealer: Fishy Bait wins the pot ($3.80)
Dealer: Hand #1315528268
Jimmy_Money: fkn online co ck suckers
Blinders: u?
Dealer: Fishy Bait has 15 seconds left to act

After no reply I needed to make him pay for that comment.

Blinders: r
Blinders: so
Dealer: Fishy Bait has timed out
Blinders: gay
Jimmy_Money: me
Jimmy_Money: fk you
Dealer: full_tilting wins the pot ($5.70)
Dealer: Hand #1315540533
Blinders: u wish
Jimmy_Money: i did, ask your mama as well
Dealer: lagwagon wins the pot ($5)
Dealer: Hand #1315543671
Blinders: straight to the mamma stuff
Blinders: typical
Jimmy_Money: my bad
Jimmy_Money: but i reall y wish to fk you
Dealer: FrewDiggs wins the pot ($5)
Dealer: Hand #1315546451
Blinders: just leave mama out
SoltiBichon: totally uncalled for
Dealer: Jimmy_Money has 5 seconds left to act
Blinders: thats sick
Jimmy_Money: ok my bad
SoltiBichon: stop harassing players
SoltiBichon: please
Jimmy_Money: fk you too

SoltiBichon: why is it that smallest stack always
has biggest mouth?

Blinders: cause they suck the most?

Blinders: lol
SoltiBichon: lol


At 11:04 AM, Blogger smokkee said...

you're like a freakin $10 ho.

up and down.

At 12:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How much of a roll do you think you need for 2/4 NL? I am sitting with around 3,500 and playing mostly 0.50/1.00 and a touch of 1/2.

The swings seem so much more crazy that I almost want to be overrolled before I make 1/2 my new home.

At 2:18 PM, Blogger Blinders said...


My ladder challenge roll (1600 min)is certainly not enough for 2/4 nl long term, but I quit and move down immediatly based on the rules.

I think provided you are a longterm winner at your current level, 20x a full buy-in seems about right. So if you start out 1/2nl and drop $500 in one day (like I just did), you only lost 1/8 of the roll. So I would say 4k for 1/2nl and 8k for 2/4nl should work.

My roll has been over 10k for quite a while, yet I just play .50/1nl so I am using this ladder challenge to kickstart my move up.

At 9:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will be watching your progress closely as it is a good challenge. The NL100 games are so easy most nights (when I am not playing tired or drunk!) that I can usually fall back to there to get some free cash....

of course I want to play against Smokkee and Wes and laydown a bust the pro on them!

keep up the good work.


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