Friday, May 19, 2006

K8 Sooted, Are You Kidding Me?

Below is a crazy hand from last night. The great thing about poker is you can do something incredibly stupid, and end up looking like a genius when the hand is over. I guess this is what keeps the fish coming back for more.

I pick up AA, and after a couple of limpers raise it up to 5x the blind. The BB reraises me to 9x the blind, and two people call. This is getting great. Can't ask for a much better situation with AA. I want to cut off draws to a set, and narrow the range of hands I'm against big time, so I re-reraise to 29x the blinds. I get a single caller. Flop is A97 with 2 hearts. I have flopped the nutz, and the pot is already huge. All I am thinking is how can I get all of this guys money. This guy called a 29x re-reraise preflop. He has to have a big pocket pair or AK, AKs. Possibly AQ or AQs if he is real fishy. That entire range does not include a flush draw with the A to the flush. I am not worrying about protecting my hand at all. Caller opens for $17. I reraise to $34. I will just keep sucking this guy in until I have all of his chips. Turn is a blank, he checks, I push in for my last $35.50, he calls. River is a 5h completing the flush draw. He has fucking K8 sooted for the flush and the win. Unbelievable!

This guy called a 29x preflop with K8 sooted. That was a complete donk move. You can't fault his post flop play though once he picked the draw up. I could not put him on the flush draw, so I gave him drawing odds the whole way (the turn call was borderline with no implied odds). If I don't flop top set nutz, I probably just push-in on the flop and force him to release his draw (he may not have). Flopping the set, actually hurt me in this hand. I have better odds of improving to beat a flush, then he has of hitting the flush, but still I could not put him on the flush draw.

There was some discussion at the table about preflop pot odds after the hand. Someone chimed in that he had pot odds to call the $20 raise for a $77.50 pot. That is total BS. Preflop pot odds are an interesting subject. I can see if there is a min raise preflop, how you can say you have 4-1 or 6-1 or whatever pot odds to call, but with the action preflop, he had to know he was against AA or KK. Any two cards flops 2 pair or better about 1 time in 40. You flop the flush less then 1 time in 100. He could not flop a straight with those cards. A flush draw flop is more likely, but he had to figure with that big a pot, that he would not get post flop odds to draw to a flush. He did not have pot odds to call a $20 raise for a $77.50 pot preflop with K8 sooted. Anyway, he made the preflop call and rivered the flush. Nice hand sir.


At 2:02 PM, Blogger smokkee said...

when you gonna learn not to slow play after the flop. not sure why you wouldn't even consider a frush draw until it was too late. but, it probably didn't matter, if he's willing to call 29x preflop, he's gonna call off the rest on a draw. this is exactly what you're gonna find at .50/1


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