Monday, May 15, 2006

Online Bankroll $11,264

Well I have had a pretty good run over the last few weeks, and grown my online bankroll nicely. Lets see if I can keep it up. My online balances as of today our shown below.

FullTilt $2,405
PokerStars $1,700
DoylesRoom $1,210
PartyPoker $1,030
World Poker Exchange $729
Titan $598
Noble $400
CD Poker $292
Neteller $2830
Transfers $70

Total $11,264

This represents almost a 3k gain in less than 30 days which is probably my best 30 day run ever. I won about $1,800 on Fulltilt during the period. The rest of the increases came mainly from PartyPoker, World PX, and Titan. I also qualified for the Fulltilt 20 Seat WSOP freeroll, the FullTilt Iron Freeroll, and the PokerSavvy WSOP freeroll during the period. If you have not tried the rake free poker at World Poker Exchange, you are missing out big time. In just about 2 weeks of limited play there, I have earned $160 in refunded rake while steadily building my bankroll. Their guaranteed tournaments with overlays are too good to pass-up, I just wish I had more time to play in them.

When I am running good like this, I want to try to figure out what I am doing differently. I am having a tough time right now putting a finger on the differences. I am still making some serious mistakes from time to time, so its not that I am playing perfect poker all of a sudden. I think I am doing a better job of releasing a decent hand when I am behind. I am also getting slightly trickier at certain opportune times and this has helped. I released a flopped bottom set the other day, when the betting was 3-way and huge on the flop. I was up against a higher set and a flopped straight. Before, I probably would have went to war with any flopped set. I am also doing a better job of managing the pot size when I am unsure if I am ahead. In one case I slowed things down after a series of min raises back and forth on a flop where I flopped top set. There was a possible straight on the board. When the board paired on the river, I got all the money in, and it turned out I was against a flopped straight. Sometimes it is better to wait to get the money in. This is pretty rare, but the stop and go stuff really confuses decent players.


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