Thursday, May 18, 2006

Another $500 Guarantee Win

I won another $500 guaranteed tournament on the World Poker Exchange last night. I have been running real good in this tournament with 2 wins and 3 third place finishes in about 9 tries. There was a nice $170 overlay in this one.

I got off to a great start when my ducks flopped a set on the first hand. I doubled up and took the early chip lead. From there, I went pretty card dead and just kind of cruised to the final table. When we got to the bubble, I was on it in 6th place. A lost coinflip I was not involved in kept the bubble going. I would need to make some moves to chip up. To my right was dank_lover. He was the Loose Agressive type. He raised from the button early on, and I folded K7o or something. He showed 64o, and said "sorry to be an a-hole and show that hand". I said, "No prob, I took a note of it and will use the info later". If your Loose Agressive, its a bad idea to be showing crap voluntarily, so I am not sure where this guy was coming from. He pretty much stopped pushing on me after that point, and would release to any sign of strength from me. He would be a great place to grab chips at the final table. To my left was ekey, who was tight and solid. I watched him eliminate 4 players on one hand 10 minutes in to the tourney, and clamp down after that point.

I pushed in with AJs after a couple of folds and stole the blinds. I then picked up JJ, and reraised all-in the short stack who raised from early. He had AQ, I won the coinflip, and the bubble was burst. We got down to 3. Me, dank and ekey. The three of us had been seated in the same place for the whole tourney as our table never broke. The key hand was when I open raised with AK, and ekey who was chip leader pushed in. I called, and was against AQ. No help for ekey, and I doubled up to 20k plus in chips and took a nice chip lead. 3-way action lasted for about 20 minutes, and the blinds got up to 1k/2k. I called a min raise from dank with QTo. Dank pushed in on a Ten high flop, and I called. Dank was bluffing, and was out in third place.

When heads up started I had a 3-1 chip lead. I was also against a tight player, so I felt pretty good. Ekey was regularly folding his SB and releasing his BB to any raise. The one or two times he showed any strength, I folded. My stack grew quickly. I picked up KQs, and we got all-in preflop. Ekey held K5o, and after no help the tourney was over. My second MTT win in less than 2 weeks, after years of being a virgin, and I don't really play many MTTs. Just this one about every other day. The 20 seat FullTilt WSOP freeroll, is this this Saturday. A performance like last night will earn me a seat. Can't wait to give it a try.


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