Thursday, April 27, 2006

Two-Pair Squared

Last night, I was having one of those rough nights you have from time to time, where nothing seems to be going right. You know what I am talking about. People are slowplaying monsters, and you catch up enough by the river that you end up paying them off. Your continuation bets with nothing are getting reraised everytime. When you flop a set, your opponents keep hanging on, and then the board gets super scary by the river, but you just can't release your set. Your big hands are just barely second best, and when you do get the other guy all-in, the gutshot straights are filling on the river everytime. This was my night last night. I have been running really well lately, so I was just shaking the beats off and laughing to myself. If I was running bad going into a night like last night I usually like to quit, before I do something stupid. Many a time I have had a night like last night and then finally pick up AA, or KK, and end up racking off to a flopped set, because I over played it post flop. I was watching out for this. Anyway, It gets late, and I am orbiting off my tables ready to quit when an interesting hand happened. It's a bad beat, but I am not going to cry about it. Continue reading at your own risk.

I pick up KTs UTG and limp. Both blinds limp. Flop comes J96 with one of mysuit. I have an over, a gutshot, and runner runner flush potential (about 9 outs). Check, Check, and I lead out for about 3/4ths of the pot trying to take it down right there, or at least chase a better K away. Both blinds call. A beautiful Q drops on the Turn giving me the nuts. Now the limpers come to life. First limper bets $10, second limper calls. First limper has $11 behind, second limper has $38 behind. I am thinking, I might be able to recoup most of my losses for the night on this hand. I min reraise to $20. I want them both to call, and figure they will. First limper goes all-in, second limper tanks. Then second limper goes all-in. Nice, I get to call two all-ins with the nuts and one card to come. One of these guys prolly has a set, so I will need to dodge some bullets. I hope its the first limper. Cards go up, and it turns out they both have J6 for identical two-pairs. This is great for me, because they are eating up 2 of there 4 outs, and only have a 21-1 shot of beating me. River is a 6. It was not my night, lol!


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