Monday, May 01, 2006

A Gift To My Loyal Readers

I always wanted to give something back to the 2 or 3 loyal readers that I have. This ones pretty big. If there were more of you I really could not announce it here for fear that the good times would end and the free money would stop. So without further ado, here it is!

The World Poker Exchange has guaranteed tournaments running around the clock and not nearly enough players to fill them. I played all weekend, and never once did one of the guarantee tournaments not have an overlay. Typically the overlays are pretty big. Plus the site is rake free, so you get your entry fee back as well. I have no idea why a rake free site would have guaranteed tournaments, but they do, and its sweet. Sign up and take advantage while you can.

Above is the first one I played in. They have these 10+1, $500 guarantee tourneys running every couple of hours. I have seen them have a range of 29-45 players, but never the required 50 to not have an overlay. In this one, I was the chip leader with three players left. I took a coin flip with my 66 vs. AK against the second position player, and lost. If I win that hand, I am heads up with a 6-1 chip lead and probably win it.

Later I played in a $5000 guarantee $25+2 buy in tournament. They would need 200 players in it to not have an overlay. When it went off there were 1400 players on line, with 800 of them in a $50 freeroll. There was no way they had 200 players ready to drop $25 on a tournament. It went off with 135 players for a $1,625 overlay (about 1/3 of the total pool). I ran my stack up to 5500 in the first hour, and was in 3rd place with 66 players left and top 18 places paid. I could have folded into the money, but got a run of cards that would doom my chances. I picked up JJ, blinds 100/200, and called a 2.5x preflop. Flop came T high, and initial raiser pushed in for 1700 more. I did not put him on a big pair so I called, but he had AA. A few hands later, I pick up AKs, and got into a 3-way all-in preflop pot. I was up against AQo and KK, but did not improve. Down to 770 in chips. Next hand I get 77, and open push from middle position. I get called by A8s, and I am eliminated when an 8 flops. Bummer! Well, I was playing for a big payday, and got a little unlucky there late, when my big hands were up against bigger ones. You have to love the overlays though. Don't miss out.

I played as much as I could on WorldPX over the weekend. Could only get on 1 or 2 cash tables at a time due to the lack of traffic. I would characterize the players as generally week, but there are a handful of decent players you will run into a lot. I ended up generating $30 in rake which was refunded to my account this morning. They have a rack free calculator on the site. It turns out that if you 4 tabled 1/2 nl for 40 hours a week you would generate about 100k in rake in a years time. So if your good enough to play break even poker at 1/2 nl, you could be making 100k a year. Incredible. I really hope this site takes off, because you can't get on that many tables right now. WorldPX is now officially my favorite site. I will be playing there as much as possible from now on, and filling in with FullTilt tables to get up to 4-5 at a time. You have to try this site.


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