Friday, May 26, 2006

I am Iron Man

Well, I qualified for the FullTilt Ironman free roll in just 26 days. With this one, I get a free FullTilt 500 pc. chipset. Hopefully, I will do better than last time, and bank some winnings as well. I am unsure If I should go for the next 20 seat WSOP freeroll. I have done horribly in the last 2. It is quite a letdown to work so hard for a month to qualify, and get knocked out before the first break. With only 1/35 getting a seat, I have been playing real aggressive early to try to chip up for a run at a seat. This has not been working so far.

In the latest one, there were 4 zombies at my table, and I wanted their dead money bad. The guy to my left was super aggressive, raising about 55% of his hands, and restealing other's attempts to get at the zombies money. I was not getting any decent cards in the first 1/2 hour, so I had to laydown to all of his resteals. To me this was a way of setting him up for when I got a real hand. If I could bitch slap this guy, the table was mine, and the 8k in zombie chips would be all for me. The key hand came when I picked up AJs and raised 3x to $150. Aggressor reraised to $500 in his typical restealing fashion. His range was huge here. Any A, any pair, any two paint, or any suited connector. AJs was the best I had seen, and I felt it was time to take a stand before he scooped up all of the zombie chips. My hand dominates a good portion of his range, and I get a coinflip with most of the rest of his range. If he folds to my aggression, I may be able to keep him in check at least. I push in for $2200, and he calls with a real hand (QQ). Damn. I still have a 1/3 chance of spiking an A. He flops a bitch, but I pick up a gutshot that does not hit. Out in 45 minutes.

I think the deciding factor on if I go for the freeroll is if FullTilt does another reload bonus soon. It takes 5000pts to clear the $300 bonus. I am sitting on 3000 pts right now. Clearing the bonus gets me close enough. Come on FullTilt, give me a reason to get another 10k in FPPs.


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