Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Runnin Like OJ

I watched tons of the OJ murder trial when it was going on. It was some fascinating stuff, and without online poker at the time, what else was I supposed to do. I was pretty convinced that OJ did it while watching the trial, but was also convinced that he was railroaded as well. I can't really say framed, because you can't frame a guilty man, but they definitely manufactured some evidence to help the DA's case. When the deliberations ended quickly, I went on record that he would be acquitted the night before the verdict was announced. I actually think the acquittal was the correct verdict. When it becomes clear that the evidence presented is a combination of real and manufactured, it calls all of the evidence into question, and you have easily enough reasonable doubt to acquit. There was no way that jury was going to convict OJ without thoroughly reexamining the critical evidence and a tough battle. A quick result was the easy one for the jury, acquittal. What came out about five years later which was not a national story was the "Rampart Division" scandal in the LAPD. It turns out that there was a huge culture of corruption, manufacturing evidence, and framing people by the same group of cops involved with the OJ case. A bunch of these cops went to jail for this or were thrown off the force. This convinced me once and for all that the cops had cheated aggressively to try to get OJ convicted.

The thing that bothered me the most about a premeditaited murder by OJ was the lameness of his plan. It was basically put the gloves and ski mask on, and head over to the wives house an hour or so before a flight to Chicago. Knowing that the your kids were home you would need to get her outside. Then slash her up good. Dump the bloody clothes and murder weapon while leaving your kids mother's dead body on their doorstep. Then race home beating the limo driver. Get cleaned up, and be in Chicago before anyone else is the wiser. Ron Goldman showing up was just a complication. I figured he dumped both gloves at the crime scene, and Mark Furman connected her with OJ, grabbed one of the gloves, and headed over to OJ's house. He smears some blood from the glove on OJ's car, giving them the probable cause to enter OJ's property and then dumps the same glove (to be found later) on the side yard. That's it in a nutshell. The cops had the right guy all along, but figured they would need some help getting a conviction against a popular celebrity.

So now someone claims OJ admitted it by saying that he had gone to Nicole's house, and she answered the door with a knife in her hand. OJ is quoted as saying something like 'If she does not bring the knife to the door she does not get murdered'. Now that's an interesting angle. If it was not premeditated that takes away my big issue with the lameness of the plan. He came by for some reason. She shows up with a knife. They get to arguing. She may even attack OJ with it. They struggle. She gets stabbed in the struggle. Ron Goldman shows up seeing all the blood and OJ fighting with Nichol. He comes to help. OJ does them both. This was not planned so he needs to dump the weapon and bloody clothes off somewhere, and does not beat the limo driver back to his house. This all makes perfect sense to me.

Except the bloody gloves

Why is he wearing Isotoner gloves in Brentwood unless this is premeditated and it is to hide his fingerprints. Brentwood is just a couple miles from the pacific ocean. It is never below 40 degrees there. You just don't see people wearing gloves near the beach in Southern California. OJ had the Isotoners for covering NFL games in Buffalo, not walking on the beach in California. So I think there are only three possible answers here.

1) The gloves were brought to the scene by the cops who bloodied them and planted one at the scene and one at OJs (they were not OJs gloves)

2) The murder was premeditated as thought, and this latest story of OJ claiming she brought the murder weapon to the door is just complete BS.

3) OJ is just a Ghey-ass Isotoner wearing ex-jock.
Thoughts anyone?



At 10:39 PM, Blogger Lord_Wolff said...

I would like to go options 2 and 3 thanks

At 8:37 AM, Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Are there really people in the country who think OJ did not kill that biatch? Seriously now?

At 2:06 PM, Blogger RaisingCayne said...

Gonna go with option 1. I mean who wears gloves? Especially ones a size too small? One of the crooked cops planted 'em after recalling the old Dan Marino ads and assuming all retired NFL players owned Isotoners.

Little curious what prompted the post? Just missing the early 90's, or what? Tomorrow's post gonna be about Rodney King and the LA riots?

At 1:00 PM, Blogger lightning36 said...

I probably spent more time watching the OJ trial and all the talk shows and reading all the books than any person I know. I believe #2 to be the case.

The main problem with the police, imo, is that they always treated OJ with kid gloves (excuse the poor attempt at humor). I do not believe there was an attempt to frame OJ, but I would not be surprised to someday find that a little evidence was "enhanced" -- they knew he did it but just helped things alomg a bit ...


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