Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bodog 5k & Chat Tilt

I have been playing in the bodog 5k for a few weeks now on Tuesdays. It starts 3 minutes before the bodonkey starts and is $10+1. I have never seen it not have an overlay with about 420-460 players typical. Anyone else runnin this one with the bodonkey? I still have not cashed in my 3 or so attempts, but I had a pretty interesting run this week. You start with 1500 in chips, but other than that it is the same structure as the bodonkey.

About 15 minutes in I pick up AKo and open raise 3x to 60. I get reraised by the SB to 200, and decide to smooth call at this early point in the tourney. Flop drops K high rainbow, and I just call the SBs bet. Turn is a blank, and SB checks and I check behind. River is Q and SB pushes all-in for his last 825, and I call. SB has AQ and I scope a 2800 pot. Thank you Queeen.

Not much happened until I was down to about 1600 in chips about 1 1/2 hours in. Blinds now 150/300 with an ante. UTG limps and I pick up 66 and decide to jam based on my short stack size. Folds to UTG who thinks and calls with 66 as well. Flop comes down 777 then K7 complete the board for a chop. At this point I initiate the following chat (I am Whatsthenuts)

WhatsTheNuts: donk
xxxxthisgame: you can go all in with 66 but i cant call without being a donk?
WhatsTheNuts: it takes a better hand to call with
WhatsTheNuts: and yours was not better, donk
xxxxthisgame: i thought you had two over cards
xxxxthisgame: it would have been a race and you only have 1600 chips
WhatsTheNuts: u were way wrong, donk
xxxxthisgame: well it wouldnt have cost me my tourney if I ended up wrong
WhatsTheNuts: tru, but please look me up again
xxxxthisgame: ok

I am basically trying to tilt this guy and call extra attention to my last play of jamming 66. xxxx was actually a decent player and untiltable, but others notice this stuff as well.

The above hand only gets me to about 1900 in chips. I drift down to 1200 and pick up QTo in the BB. It folds to the button who jams. Folds to me. Blinds are 150/300 still with an ante, and I am already in for 300. So I end up calling 900 for a 2800 pot. Button has AK. I spike a Q on the turn and get to 2800. The guy I beat starts ridiculing my play. This was great, because it was a semi-questionable play, that I would not be making now that my stack was larger. Might as well draw tons of attention to it. So I start defending my play, and questioning his jam with AK knowing I might call with ATC. So he looks me up on poker DB (whatsthenuts) and finds that I have not won dick on bodog. I told him that the poker DB only tells you who does not have a life, and is no indication of a players profitability.

I pick up AJs early. and open raise taking the blinds.

Next hand, I pick up AA, and there is a min raise to 800. Poker DB boy just calls. Since I have 2800, I just jam, and it folds to poker DB boy who calls with K9 sooted. I double through to 7000. Now we are down to about 60/430 players with top 45 getting paid.

A big stack has been abusing the table for about 10 minutes by jamming preflop once or twice every orbit. I pick up 99 and he open jams with me covered. I have enough chips to easily get to the final 4 tables or so, but 45th pays like 15 bucks. I figured this was a flip with me on the plus side, or possibly better to much better. 15k in chips would put me in good shape to take it down after having only seen AA and AK and not much else in over two hours. I call and the abuser has QJo. I survive the flop, but a Q on the turn sends me home.

Still no cash in the bodog 5k, but I am getting closer and this time with not much to work with. This was a very typical MTT for me. Get some chips early to relax and be able to play patient. In the bodonkey you already get to start with a double up. When the cards are not there, you just hold out as long as you can, hoping they will come. If they don't you try to get it in as good as possible and hope for a few double ups late. When the double ups hit you are right back in position with the best possible table image for late MTT play. Just missed on the last one this time.



At 1:19 PM, Blogger $mokkee said...

you're better off playing the 20k that starts at 5:30pm PST. buy-in is $69-6 but, you get 3000 starting chips. It usually has a 3k overlay and the field is in the 250-270 range.

At 10:39 AM, Blogger PokahDave said...

I see you placed 13th last night. I made it to 4th last night. It is a very soft tourney...

At 1:41 PM, Blogger Blinders said...

Yeah, I saw that you were in it late, but they never put us at the same table. Soft is an understatement. I was barely paying attention, and just cruised to the final two tables. I go out jamming UTG for 7x the BB and it folds to the BB who insta calls with K8o. Enough said. Nice run to 4th. I will be there TUE/THU for a while.

At 9:37 AM, Blogger kurokitty said...

Nice! I'll have to start playing them. Looove the overlays on B-dog.


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