Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bodog Pro Knockout Pot Odds

Looks like we will be having a Bodog pro in the Bodonkey tonight. As usual there will be a $100 bounty on the pro's head. Now considering that the buy-in for the bodonkey is $10+1, it creates an interesting situation. Basically, if you get into a hand with a bodog pro, and have them covered, it is +EV to jam all of your chips in as soon as possible no matter what you are holding. There are very few hands that have less than 10% equity in the pot, and 10% equity is all you need for a jam to be +EV. So you just jam into the pro every time you have them covered (and alone in the hand), and try to collect the $100 bounty. Solidly +EV.

But wait a second, because there is more depth than just that. There is the T600 added to the prize pool. With around 40 runners or so the Bodonkey is already positive EV to the tune of about $15. You would be giving up some of that EV by going for the hyper aggressive pro knockout. Also there is the WSOP ME seat given away to one of the top 18 players in the series. That adds some EV to the equation as well. For somebody like me, who has a seat locked down, it may be time to donk my stack off to a pro. Come on down tonight and see what happens. I just hope I draw a table with one of those poor bastards!



At 9:45 PM, Blogger Neilc999 said...

yes i can see where your coming from on the pushing against the pro thing...... best chance you'll probably ever have really. Dont forget that the offer for me to teach you how to actually play poker still stands


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