Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Bodonkey Insurance & Back to Back 5k Cashes

I played the Bodonkey, Bodog 5k and Skillz Razz last night. I have not pointed in the bodonkey since my win, and although I probably will not need it I wanted to point one more time just to make sure. I got off to a decent start in the bodonkey getting up to a quick 3700, but then I ran AK on a K high flop into High on Poker's well played AA, then ran 66 on a 554 flop into Byron's 5 to become DQBs by the turn. At this point I found myself with about 425 in chips, but I jammed a couple hands, and got back to a more comfortable 1200+ and held tight for an 8th place finish the insurance points and the bonus T11.

In the bodog 5k there were 455 runners. I caught an early double up and just cruised to the final three tables. There were some serious retards with stacks late, and I was chipping up pretty quick until I got it in with JJ vs. ATo and lost to a four flush on the river. The win there and I FT for sure, but I would end up flaming out in 26/455. I finished 14/430 in my last attempt. This MTT just seems too easy, and I will continue running it Tue/Thu whenever possible.

I was pretty excited about the Skillz Razz. I figure that is my best chance at a seat followed by Skillz HORSE, Skillz HA and River Chasers NL Holdem. I played my normal hyper aggressive RAZZ style, but the cards were never there for me when I needed them. My stack was all over the map (mostly below average), but I never could string any big pot wins together and flamed out mid-way. I was able to drop a few BOOMs at the table. Then I started the new whisper boom for RAZZ which gets dropped like this"b o o m". Pretty doubtful I will make the BBT3 TOC at this point, but I have less than 10 events in so far.

I am starting to work on the EV chart for AA. I am going to use cash game data from poker tracker rather as the basis. It will be much more interesting than the throwaway type hand that I already did. Stay tuned.



At 11:10 AM, Blogger Neilc999 said...

I shall make your ev chart easy for you with AA

FOLD IT (preflop)

You only learn those skillz at the penny tables so may be unaware of this strategy.


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