Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Bodonkey Win, Seat Just About Locked Down

I will need to see where I am when the leaderboard is updated, but my win tonight in the bodonkey should put me in the top 5 overall. From there I should be able to coast to a seat in the big bodonkey dance without much effort. I put a little bit of pressure on myself, as last week I was so busy with opening week of baseball season that I spaced out and forgot to play the bodonkey. A couple off weeks before that, and I had managed to slip down a bit in the rankings.
Tonight was quite a ride though pretty typical. It feels extra good because my poker playing is limited to the two Tuesday night bloggaments. Its pretty hard to get a win if that's all your playing so I will take it.
I sat out the first ten minutes of the bodonkey, and found AA when I finally sat down. I won a small pot, and would work my way up to about 3600 early. A comfortable chip count for the first hour with very few eliminations, but still a ton of work to do. I would hang in the 3000-3600 range for quite a while playing pretty tight. Eventually I picked up QQ on the button, and made a steally looking raise. The BB jammed all-in for a massive overbet, and I called. BB had 83o and was making a crazy move with air ( I will not mention names). I had to sweat out a flush flop where I hit top set, but was exposed to a four flush on the turn. No matter as I would Quad up by the river. This gave me some chips to work with. I would find myself in last place with 20 left. Catch another double-up. Do some stalling. Sweat out the points bubble (13th Place). Once the points bubble burst, I was very low and near last, but got right to work. I doubled through three times on some strong starting hands and took a pretty big chip lead with seven left at the final table (see stack counts below).

I would take my time and coast into a threeway battle with emptyman and buddydank. I would lose my lead briefly here, but would rally back and bust Empty on the hand below.

So I would end up Heads-Up with buddy for the title with close to a 3x chip lead. We played a few hands, and I picked up a dream JJ and raised preflop. Buddy called, and the flop came down Kxx. I think buddy led out small for about 3k and I called. When the turn was low giving me second pair, I led out a smallish 6k. Buddy reraised to 18k. I thought this was a steal/bluff as I had played the hand pretty weak, and did not think he could figure me this strong. I decided to just Jam and hope he did not have the K. He called and had K8, and now buddy had a huge chip lead. I would rally right back through some aggressive heads-up play, and some very timely cards. I would get back in the lead, and eventually bust buddy to end a very entertaining Heads-Up match.



At 8:37 AM, Blogger Instant Tragedy said...

Good Game Blinders.

See you at the Final Table next week!



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